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Every time JOYRYDE puts out new material, it’s not just a glimpse into his distinct sound but rather an invitation to experience the meticulously established world he’s created for himself. Each song from JOYRYDE places the listener in the driver’s seat, where high-powered motors are converted into thunderous basslines and squealing, smoke-billowing tires become resonant leads. JOYRYDE’s connection between audio and visual is so potent that it’s fused both elements into one cohesive force, evident in his thrill-seeking videos for all of his music on YouTube.

JOYRYDE’s latest, “Hot Drum”, out today is the latest in the rising producer’s string of ace #carhouse #motorbass #futureautomotive releases which actually started out from a reggae drum loop, giving the track its title. Check it out below, download it here, and if you’re in LA, make sure to catch JOYRYDE’s debut show at Avalon on September 23rd.