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In the new music video for his single “Undefeated” off the world within EP, we get to see josh pan evolve before our very eyes — or devolve, depending on how you look at it. Over the past few weeks, josh has been losing hundreds of Instagram followers sharing the saga of shedding his human skin and going full-reptile; now, the full story is out in all its scaly glory and we’ve got behind the scenes photos to show you exactly how it happened.

“Undefeated” follows josh regaining his confidence after a breakup, but he soon falls ill to a mysterious infection that slowly transforms him into a snake. “The meaning behind ‘Undefeated’ is totally up to each listener’s interpretation,” josh said. “When I wrote the song, I had just realized that life is nice when you appreciate where you are and what you have. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but it’s already pretty green on this one, too.” Director and longtime josh pan collaborator Liam Underwood, who also directed josh’s “nowhere” and “Platinum,” adds, “Every project Josh and I have worked on together has been an opportunity to tell a story, usually in the form of a metaphor. I have a really good time bringing that to life visually.”

See the exclusive behind the scenes photos courtesy of coughs and Lillie Wojcik below, and watch the video for “Undefeated” above.