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OWSLA‘s own josh pan is finishing off the year with an EP of sounds you’ve probably never heard before from him in the form of the world within, which contains four tracks of surprisingly smooth listening. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected from a josh pan release, but he’s upping the ante on this one. Opening with a piano and rhythm section that sounds straight out of a classical jazz album, the opener “undefeated” has a feel-good groove that’s got a halftime funk feel to it. “take your time,” which is featured in the above music video, is more of a lo-fi crooner with warm, inviting sound design that makes me feel like I’m curled upside a toasty sonic blanket watching the world go by. Or I suppose, at least in this case, watching the world within go by.

The third track “overdue” is simply beautiful: from josh’s voice to the melody to the soft, distinctively tactile feel of the instrumentation, this borderline-ballad is just tender and mellow enough to come off as an unassuming little love song compared to the other markedly more bold cuts this EP contains. That may be exactly why it’s my personal favorite; it’s the most singer-songwriter-ish we’ve heard josh pan be and has us super excited for what he’s got coming in 2019. The final track “windows ’17” is the closest to his experimental trap sound he’s become known for the last few years, but it’s hardly a comparison. Consisting of more tropical sounds compressed to feel cold and smooth, the production of this song starts out pretty tightly bound but before long sprawls out into an expansive, intricately layered piece threaded together by josh’s ghostly voice.

Listen below and check out the video above to find out what happens to kids who get hooked on josh pan.