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Last week we interviewed what we believed to be a solo NYC-based producer named josh pan. A lot has happened since then. Yesterday, the josh pan twitter account dropped a pretty next-level announcement:

josh pan is comprised of a team of 20 people. Graphic designers, multiple producers (including @CXAXV ,@aristarace ,@manilakilla )…” (via josh pan’s Twitter)

Since then, the josh pan SoundCloud page description has been updated to read the following, “‘josh pan’ is a design house//label//collective//dream-team based out of NYC,” along with a roster list of producers including cavalier, dirty chocolate, luca lush, whispa, yung bae, polo, y2k, madeaux, manila killa, jai wolf, pham, harrison and flamingosis.

Is “josh pan” actually a collective of 20 artists? Is this the biggest troll of 2015 or the most amazing supergroup of producers ever compiled?

Today we received quotes from each of the producers apparently involved in the josh pan collective. Check their words below:

Jai Wolf – “It was a sensual experience and the secret titillated me for weeks. I’m so glad it’s out”

Yung bae – “it’s been a very rewarding experience working with all of my url friends and watching this project grow”

Y2k – “Josh Pan is the pain you feel in your mind but also the joy you feel in your heart”

Harrison – “When I was approached with the idea, I thought these niggas were absolutely insane”

Madeaux – “I found myself inducted into the group via Sean (Luca Lush). The cast of characters involved are really talented, it’s been an honor and a privilege to work alongside them.”

Manila killa – “Amazing to see such a response from the public to our working with each other. Really looking forward to taking Nicole Lee out on a date.”

Dirty chocolate – “It was really great because it was composed of my peers and people that i genuinely like. How could i refuse.”

Luca lush – “Josh Pan Is Diplo. and by that, i mean a creative and experimental outlet by which an eclectic body of internet friends could push the envelope together.”

POLO – “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”

Pham – “Creating with some great artists was an honor. The best part was challenging ourselves to write tracks that were not in our own styles, Keeping it consistent, and releasing the tracks in no time. I think it made us re-value our creativity.

Cavalier – “We Knew From The Start. This Was A Blessing. But. This Is Only The Beginning.”

Whispa – “Beck needs to respect artistry. he should have given his award to Josh Pan”

Flamingosis – “to be honest, i was skeptical of this project at first. once we started exchanging ideas with one another, i began to see the vision. I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

Whatever the case—one person, twenty people—we love everyone involved.

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