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The latest from New York-based artist and Team Supreme co-founder JNTHN STEIN is a profoundly delightful soul-jam called “Master Control” featuring BXRBER. This track has an undeniable rock ‘n roll edge, it opens with a grating, metallic electric guitar that draws you into JNTHN’s frenetic production and BXRBER’s Ed Sheeran-esque vocals. It’s a playful production boasting a deathly serious degree of funk that has an irresistibly hypnotic effect.

“Master Control” is the second track JNTHN has shared so far off his forthcoming Everything Is A Drug EP, the first was a collab with fellow Team Supreme member Mr. Carmack called “Who Cares.” Check back for news on when the JNTHN STEIN EP will be out, and until then enjoy “Master Control.”