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Florida-based jam expert, Josh Kucharczak, has been toying with electronic dimensions for the past three years. Known under the alias JKuch, the 19-year-old has flourished into a well-practiced beatmaker. His singles “Flying House,” “Asteroids,” and “Today” have helped grow his fan-base over this past year, alongside his remix of Adam Vida’s “BRE” featuring Mr. Carmack. It’s evident that JKuch chose the right path, and I’m already anticipating his upcoming career.

Today, I want to shine the light onto JKuch’s newest single “Legend Of Coda.” This one begins with an eerily futuristic melody. As “Legend Of Coda” begins to rhythmically glitch, we are given elements of soul between pauses. JKuch blends digital with funk as the track breaks down oh-so-smoothly. His sound design personifies bouncing through space and loving it. “Legend Of Coda” must be telling us of some sort of space man, or robot, checking out the atmosphere with an awe-inspiring gaze. It’s stupendous.

Check out JKuch’s “Legend Of Coda” now and grab your free download from The Artist Union.

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