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Photo: Dominic Swain

Tucked in the golden crevices of SoundCloud, the latest in experimental bass has been so hot these days. It feels like the age of stellar freebies is coming back in a big way thanks to producers such as Jestic and Jon Casey. Both are well-known in the beat space for their production prowess: Jestic blurs the line between modern hip-hop and electronic with poise while Jon Casey dedicates his energy to head-splitting sound design. The two came together to honor the beginning of October for a free track that’s sure to get you moving.

“Slick” is a high-frequency firecracker suited for the dancefloor, screeching and tweaking along a menacing flow. Jestic and Jon Casey craft a fresh, ambitious ditty with precise sound design and fat bass, setting the scene with contemporary trap percussion. This one’s meant to catch a crowd by surprise in the middle of a bass-heavy DJ set, preferably in an overcrowded warehouse or after hours at a camping festival. Additionally, it’s one of those tracks that boasts some entertaining comments on SoundCloud, urging users to express their anger at just how damn good these producers are.

Listen to “Slick” and grab your free download below.