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The Wise and The Wicked is Jauz‘s biggest project to date featuring 23 tracks and a highly versatile compilation of classic-meets-modern electronic sound design. “The project’s storyline is set in a futuristic dystopia where the exploding wealth gap has split the world into two separate financial castes: the wealthy minority and the poor majority,” he told Billboard on his album breakdown earlier this morning. In Jauz’s world, there are two societies: the wealthy majority becomes known as The Wise, who are pro-technology, while the poor majority is dubbed The Wicked, a lawless group wreaking havoc on the community. As their world continues to fall, The United uprise from the shadows to try and find a balance between good and evil.

The album is made up of The Prologue: The Wise and The Wicked featuring Madsonik, Chapter 1: Discovery [The Wise], Chapter 2: Wicked Nature [The Wicked], Chapter 3: The Search For Meaning [The Wise], and lastly Chapter 4: Becoming United [The United]. Throughout, the record intermixes classic dubstep, drum and bass, and techno to portray every corner of this war zone. Big-name features include Adventure Club, DJ Snake, Kiiara, Krewella, Snails, and Tisoki and small-name features include First, Fabrice, and Hypression (who initially just sent demos to Jauz’s label, but were later asked back to feature on the album). With so many working gears, it can be coined as a complex piece of new-age machinery. 

“Babylon” with Tisoki is where we see the first panoramic introduction to the oppressed city. Ragga dub-inspired echoes and reverberations show us through the streets and cry out for change. Next, “Soldier” featuring Krewella sheds a light on those who still have hope. With an infectious melody, Jahan and Yasmine vocally harmonize as slivers of  ‘The Wise’ begin to form a message. ‘The Wicked’ fight back with “Acid or Techno,” where Jauz alienates this pulsating rush of emulating adrenaline. Ducky drops in as reinforcement with “Rave With Me,” the 2009-sounding dubstep track that wubs a garage-styled rhythm we’ve been waiting for. Finally, ‘The United’ surfaces to save the survivors through “On Fire” with Hypression and “Keep The Rave Alive” with Lazer, Lazer, Lazer. The Wise and The Wicked comes to an end with “Super Fly” featuring 666, the intrinsic speed house tune the finale needed to reign a new world’s peace. 

It’s time for you to hear the tale of Jauz’ The Wise and The Wicked in full for yourself, enjoy and scope his upcoming Bite This! label tour dates below.