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Jamie xx outdid himself at his late-night-sunset Boiler Room set in Reykjavík, Iceland that’s as epic as a Broadway musical and with an infectious disco edge that’s already inspired some new dance moves in me. Four minutes into the mix I’m salivating in anticipation for where this thing is going, he creates such magical atmospheres that are almost tactile. By the time he throws in a warped cut of an xx track I’m over the moon with hype.

This mix is a rollercoaster ride that does take occasional slow, strange turns sometimes into down-tempo, cinematic regions of echoing vocals and reverberating synths. The mood is brought back up by a gradual progression in BPM and the addition of super soulful vocals and funky breaks accentuated by retro sounds which eventually brings you to a bright, fuzzy guitar, indie-pop destination – get way into this majestic mix below.