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Earlier this year, legendary French producer Sébastien Tellier teamed up with American vedette, burlesque dancer, actress, and musician Dita Von Teese to release a full-length album on the prolific Record Makers imprint. Last week, my favorite single off the album “Porcelaine” received a stellar remix from Night Slug’s very own Jam City, who elevated the record from great to extraordinary.

He kept a lot of the original song’s stems intact, but restructured it to highlight the bassline and vocals, which, in the original, play a much more subdued and atmospheric role. Further, he lays down a wonderfully tight and new drum composition, using drum-machine textured hits to create the perfect ’80s prom night moment. Even as I’m sitting here writing up this review, I’ve had three separate co-workers stop to ask me what record was playing… there’s no doubt this one has something particularly magical about it.

Listen to Jam City’s rendition of “Porcelaine” below.