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Twenty-two-year-old London native Jacob Collier is, in many ways, in a league of his own among some of the next generation’s most prodigious musicians. The multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, and producer truly seems to have music flowing through his veins – the apparent ease with which he creates stunning works is a sight to behold. Jacob’s talents are the product of no small measure of natural ability and, importantly, countless hours of hard work; he’s been involved with music his entire life, having for years practiced for several hours per day, encouraged by his musical family.

Jacob got his start on YouTube, arranging and performing breathtaking renditions of popular songs, like this one of “The Flinstones,” a single off his critically acclaimed debut album My Mind, which earned him one of his two Grammy wins earlier this year. The former won in the “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)” category, while his original song “You and I” won in the “Best Instrumental Arrangement”category.

In this video clip above, Jacob demonstrates his impeccable, awe-inspiring talents behind the keys, this time improvising a five-minute-long solo with patent skill. Sit back, relax, watch, and enjoy true musical genius at work. Check out Jacob’s Facebook for tour announcements and other awesome videos.