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Day three at Ultra Music Festival and Skrillex and Diplo take the mainstage as Jack U, kicking off the set with their rapid-fire Recess-featured collab, “Dirty Vibe.” Over the next hour, the giddy crowd gets whipped into a non-stop frenzy as the duo take turns blasting out selections from their own catalogs (“Earthquake,” “Devil’s Den,” Elliphant’s “Revolusion” [prod. by Diplo], “Stranger,” “Express Yourself”…), as well as highlights from their friends and family; even featuring some live cameos from Lil Jon (“Turn Down for What”) and the AMA-championed TrollPhace (“Vengeance Like a B:055”). There’s babes, jump ropers, faulty TP guns, a killer setlist (and a killer crowd to match) and all-around good people, good times. Check the video above, while it’s still up ;), and keep your eyes peeled for Jack U’s debut 2014 EP.

[Edit] Video removed, check audio stream above.