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This morning’s drum n bass premiere arrives from NHQ favorites Ivy Lab. The never ending stream of tunes from the London trio is now matched only by the label their latest currently resides. Critical Music, one of the gnarliest labels in the dnb game, are gearing up to drop the guys’ five-track Peninsula EP. The record is their first full solo EP since 20 Questions back in 2015. This release and return to the label marks a notably more half-time-focused approach than their normal driving sound. It still has that incredible sound design we’re used to, but with Critical you know you’re getting the darkest of the dark.

Mornings may be tough for some, but when you combat something tough with an even tougher weapon, you’re sure to put up a good fight. Hit “Magikess,” the first track of the EP, on your headphones or car system and you’ll instantly feel that jolt of productivity you need to get the day started strong.

Grab a listen below.

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