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Denver, Colorado’s Wuki is a producer we’re always stoked to hear new music from. Over the last few years he’s developed a signature blend of crisp, heavy-hitting club sounds which seamlessly blends house, booty bass and ghetto-tech party vibes. He’s released through Nest (Framework EP), Fools Gold’s Clubhouse (Smalltown DJs Remix with Astronomar), and after the release of his new Hot Talk EP through Main Course (available for FREE), he’ll be letting loose an amazing rework of Hearts Revolution through OWSLA.

We had the pleasure of catching up with the rising producer to talk about how he got into dance music, the future of the American dance scene and what he’s got coming in the near future. Check out our chat with Wuki below:

You’ve been one of the first to smoothly transition juke and jersey sounds to the big room. Is that a movement you’ve been keeping an eye on lately?

Yea I definitely keep up with those genres on the reg. I’m kind of influenced by everything though. I just like music that is creative and raw.

You’ve definitely nailed down a recognizable “Wuki” sound. Was there a certain moment when you felt like this really clicked?

Yea actually I could go on and on about this. I think it was about a year ago. I made “Same Damn Sound” and for some reason I thought, “I’m going to take this idea and run with it as far as I can go.”

How has playing out live affected the way you produce?

Well now that I’m playing bigger shows I kind of want to make bigger music haha. I go through so many phases with the way I produce to be honest. Some days I just need to make something chill or even silly, it’s like therapy for me.

How do you like to unwind when you’re not making / listening to music?

I love my road bike, and the outdoors. I’m a pretty laid back guy, whatever I do I try to laugh a lot.


What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Was there a specific album or track that got you into dance music?

I played guitar growing up so I definitely listened to a lot of punk / alt music. But when I heard Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” things changed.

How’s it been working with the Main Course and OWSLA crews?

Such an honor to work with all these legends. They have helped me get to where I am today and have become some of my best friends in the process.

You recently mentioned on Twitter that you were feeling jungle vibes. Is that a sound you’d start working more into your own music?

Yea I’ve been messing around in that tempo. I never really go for a distinct genre but I definitely love the groove and feel in those records.

Do you think breaks and dnb are going to hit the US in a bigger way soon?

I think with the explosion of dance music in America it’s organic for listeners to dig deep into more genres and styles. It’s so new to some kids here in USA and there’s a lot of history in dance music they can benefit to learn from.


Did you have a good time over in AUS?

Oh hell yea. The shows were on point. They are really feeling the future bass breaks vibe out there. Everyone is so nice too!

What was the last song that made you go, “wow.”?

Kid Kamillion and Jesse Slayter’s remix of Sugar Shane – Buddah. That shit is so wild.

Tell us a bit about the homies you have as featured artists and remixers on this EP. 

“Talk” features my longtime homie Spencer Foreman. The lyric was actually a vocal from another song. I had the acapella and chopped it up. Buku and Tony Quattro are two of my favorite producers so I was so stoked that they were on board.

What are you up to next?

I have a remix for Hearts Revolution coming out on OWSLA which I am super stoked on. Also Hitting the road for a bit with Herobust.

Thanks for the chat man, we always look forward to hearing new stuff of yours. You always crush!

Cheers fellas!

Wuki’s Hot Talk EP is available as a limited free download below, and will be released on iTunes September 30th through Main Course.

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