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Kansas City’s finest VALENTINE pops up this week with a sultry, fresh MiniMix featuring light and happy tracks from across the future bass spectrum. He’s had a string of light and purposeful singles, from “Her” to “Us,” paired with an equally-impressive slate of remix work that have earned him new fans and gigs with their serene chops and ambient drips. We’ve got a kickass MiniMix from VALENTINE this week, along with a nice Q&A so you can learn more about his world.


Tell us about yourself. How’d you get started in music and what led you to dance music?

What’s up! My name is Nick Valentine Parker and I’m 19, originally hailing from Saint Louis but now living in Kansas City with my fiancee Catherine! I was led into electronic music by my mother who used to play me old house tunes that she discovered working at a record store & I started getting into music seriously when I started percussion/guitar classes in middle school and high school.

Holy crap, that “American Boy” cover, nailed it, & what an angelic voice! How did that come together?

Thank you so much! I made the beat after Sophie sent me the vocals, and then sent it to Rob who played keys over it.

You recently played Brownies & Lemonade, how was that? What other shows have been memorable to you recently?

Honestly, Brownies & Lemonade was probably my favorite show I’ve played to date, their shows have the best atmosphere, the hypest crowds, and the team running the show are some of the nicest, most supportive people I’ve met in my career. I also had a HUGE blast at the Quality Goods Records show I played the week after in LA, much love to Mouna and the rest of their team.

I absolutely love this new “Us” merch, swag hat/shirt combo. Who designed it, and what’s the inspiration behind the look?

Thank you! The design was a collaborative effort by Radimir Koch, Catherine & myself over Skype, and was inspired by the original art Radimir did for the release as well as one of my fav artists Herman Billett.

valentine us merch

Who’s your favorite artist right now we haven’t heard of yet?

Oh man there’s SO MANY I can’t choose a favorite so I’ll just plug everyone i can think of:
Rob Araujo, Chuck Sutton, Blake Skowron, Naji, patches, ehiorobo, underscores, Xavi, halpe, stereo cube, maxd, Anomalie, quickly quickly, Shhh, JUDGE, Robokid, sumthin sumthin, player dave, zotti, Willy Crooks, KaTT, chromonicci, and yes even Umru

What’s up for you in the rest of 2017?

I’m currently finishing up an album, an EP, and a ton more as well as some possible shows here and there! Can’t say much yet but you’ll know soon ;)

You just visited LA – how was your trip experience, what did you do? Would you move here?

I had a blast in LA! I brought along my buddy Chuck Sutton and we stayed for about 3 weeks so we got to experience a lot of cool stuff and see a lot of cool places while we were there. I think I would like to live in LA one day when the time is right and I have the resources, but for right now I’m really loving Kansas City to be honest

What do you think of the evolution of SoundCloud and where do you think it’ll go?

Soundcloud and the community that it built have changed the music industry a lot, and for that I am grateful, but unfortunately it as a service right now is dying and I’ve been starting to focus a lot more on Spotify since it’s monetization model is much better for getting Artists paid. That being said I don’t think Soundcloud will be leaving our lives completely, but for right now I think all of the “Anti-Soundcloud Soundcloud” community have realized by now that Spotify is the move.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you’d wanna do instead?

Actually, when I was a kid I wanted to be a Software Engineer, I used to love taking apart and putting back together computers and developing apps and such, but eventually I got completely consumed by music so that definitely took priority, but if it hadn’t I’d probably be doing that.

What can we expect from this MiniMix?

Well I just found out about this today so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare and record, BUT I included a ton of the stuff I’m currently working on as well as a bunch of unreleased tunes from the homies!

VALENTINE & Rob Araujo – Day 1
Naji – Let’s Play (underscores Remix)
luxior – cashmere
HXNS – crazy
inimicvs & DILIP – Broke
Kehlani – Gangsta (Shisto Flip) vs Blake Skowron – Neverhood w/ Hue Honey
Monte Booker – Kolors (feat. Smino)
blake skowron – ID
Naji – Olu’s House
Tennyson & Mr. Carmack – Tuesday
montell2099 – Space vs Usher – There Goes My Baby
chuck sutton – me, not you (ehiorobo limeade medley)
halpe – ID
west1ne x exyle – sorry
blake skowron – ID
Roger Wilco – Team Supreme Vol. 141 Cypher
Dusta Blanks – Team Supreme Vol. 141 Cypher
quickly quickly – ghost
Leven Kali – Joy
VALENTINE & Rob Araujo – Embrace [UNRELEASED]
VALENTINE & Blake Skowron – Be Mine (feat. Sophie Meiers) [UNRELEASED]
Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (Ramzoid Remix)
chuck sutton – mom n’ pop n’ lock
Audiobot – Remember
Castelluzzo – Thinking About U
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Blissfall Redo)
Smino – Wild Irish Roses


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