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For this Thanksgiving, NHQ thought TastyTreat would be the perfect duo to cook up this weeks MiniMix. Not only was John Smith and Devin Hardy’s moniker an obvious reason, but the two have had a huge year and it’s time for celebration! Since signing onto the SLVYVLL label, TastyTreat have released ten tracks within the past year. The top three being their euphonious originals “Fallin’ In Love”, “Selfish” featuring Marco Foster, and “Summer (Don’t Go)” featuring Wasiu. Plus, expect more surprises before the New Year!

Within the past few weeks, TastyTreat have been accompanying GETTER on his Big Mouth North American Tour. So far, the guys have played in Canada, Seattle, Oregon, and San Francisco, and still have Santa Cruz on their list. What I have always loved about these two is their dedication to their ever-evolving sound. Whether it’s leading us through a dreamlike fantasy of love, or dropping ground-shaking experimental bass, they never fail to leave us hungry for more.

TastyTreat’s Songs You Can Eat To MiniMix is definitely one perfect for your holiday activities. John and Devin gave me some personal goodies about TastyTreat currently and what’s up next from them!

PS, listen for their teaser of their upcoming song “Good Morning Jay” featuring the wonderful Claire Ridgely at the end of the mix.

2016 was a big year for TastyTreat! Tell me some highlights!

John: 2016 was kind of a preview of what we had to offer as far as a wide range of diversity in sound. Fast forward to now and people have started to catch on to us. Pigeon holding ourselves to 1 direction has never been our style and we are glad our fans fuck with that.

Devin: Yeah, we had a lot of really sick opportunities throughout the year. We played a surprise set at Lightning in a Bottle, that was pretty cool. We also go to do a remix for Filthy Frank with the whole SLVYVLL team. But it was definitely a year of exploration for us.

I’ve heard you both are big holiday junkies, is it safe to say this Minimix is a good representation of that?

John: Man I love the holidays! We just had a big Friendsgiving in LA I deep fried a turkey and the whole thing was gone in minutes. Never seen people eat that fast! The name of this mix is called “Songs You Can Eat To” so I’d say it matches it pretty well.

Devin: Love the holidays. It’s been that way with my family forever. We’re kinda of scattered all over, so it’s the one time of year we typically all get together under one roof. So I’d say go ahead and toss this mix on while you’re with your loved ones and smash some turkey.

How would you really describe the mix? How do you see fans listening to it over the holiday?

John: This mix is mostly vibes. There is definitely a little turn up in there for sure. I’d see our fans listening to this mix during winter break as some pre game turn up or maybe even turning up in the kitchen while cookin with family and friends.

Devin: It’s definitely unique compared to our typical style of mixes. We wanted to showcase a lot of our newer music and definitely provide something to vibe out to over the holidays.

Since we’re on the topic, do you guys do Christmas presents?

John: Literally whomst doesn’t do Xmas presents lmao

Devin: True

Funniest gifts you’ve ever gave or received?

John: My roommate got me of those anime pillows and whenever I go out he will sneakily take it out from under my bed and place it on top to remind me it’s there.

Devin: Clone-a-willy. I’ll leave it at that.

Your new TastyTreat merch line is sick, are there any more pieces coming?

John: Thanks! It’s just the beginning of what we plan on doing. We actually do have some custom designs we are going to put up at some point and do rare one time releases so be on the look out for that. Probably later this winter.

Devin: Yea like John said, there will be some super custom stuff coming soon. We’re really excited to dive into one-off hand made merch.

As we look over the horizon into 2018, what can we expect to hear next from TastyTreat?

John: We have a big arsenal of originals and some special remixes done for 2018 looking forward to showing y’all. We are always trying new things so to pin point it one thing is kinda hard for us. But we are most excited for 2018. A fresh new year always means good things!


1. TastyTreat – “Sideways” ft. Marco Foster
2. thatdudebrb – “mint”
3. SAINT WKND x Rae Sremmurd – “Swang”
4. Just A Gent – “Future Bass is Dead”
5. Holly – “New York Taco” ft. Inverness
6. Galantis – “Girls On Boys” (TastyTreat Remix)
7. sumthin sumthin – “Moon”
8. Devault – “Don’t You Want To” ft. Ayelle
9. TastyTreat x Dead Robot – “The Feeling Wasn’t Mutual”
10. DJ Khaled – “Wild Thoughts” (Medasin Remix)
11. TastyTreat – “Summer (Don’t Go) ft. Wasiu
12. TastyTreat – “Good Morning Jay” ft. Claire Ridgely