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Whether it’s DJing, producing, filmmaking, or good manners, Los Angeles artist PLS&TY approaches his art form with a lucid degree of motivation and determination. Over the past few years, PLS&TY, born Tommy Leas, has established himself as one of the most promising new artists in the dance music community. From living in Palm Beach, FL and driving an hour-and-a-half to Miami for parties to moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a full career in electronic music, this young beacon of synth-driven light has found a home in the growing world of future bass.

PLS&TY has been blasting through his métier, from syncs with K-Pop award shows and Hershey’s commercials to selling out shows alongside Illenium, Louis Futon, and Crywolf. The success hasn’t gotten to his head, either. As you’ll see below from our interview, Leas carries himself with an air of refined confidence and (as his name would suggest) politeness. His music, on the other hand, add a bit of edge to his polished personification. Tracks like “Run Wild” and “Good Vibes” perfectly encapsulate his direction as an artist. With hard-hitting basslines and raucous synths, his energy-packed sound offers more than just a head-banging good time. The nuanced pop sentiments and cleverly structured compositions set his work several shelves above others who just want to make a sick tune.

Give his MiniMix with us a listen below and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We’ve already rinsed it a few times in the office.

Hey, Tommy! Tell us a bit the PLS&TY project. How did it get started and what is your background in music?

I am a music producer and DJ fortunate enough to have discovered the world of electronic dance music and the artists that keep it alive, involving myself in a community of hard-working individuals traveling the world to perform for crowds chanting their names. I have received support from industry greats, signed major record label deals before even reaching my 21st birthday, and toured places some can only fantasize about. My music has amassed tens of millions of plays, garnered significant following across social media platforms, made its way into television commercials, and granted me opportunities for working alongside top studio engineers and producers. Such opportunities have only enhanced my capability of collaborating with and accepting all individuals, provided me with a foundation to establish lifelong relationships, and granted me access to see the awe-inspiring marvels that our world contains because of simple yet paramount items in my life: a DJ mixer and laptop computer.

My passion for electronic dance music grew throughout high school. At the time, I was incredibly passionate about filmmaking, as well, and I was eager to combine these interests. I picked up jobs at local venues, photographing and filming electronic acts that would pass through on tour. Filming these acts and working with notable dance music artists was a great introduction to the world of live performance and everything that it entails. Nonetheless, my transition into music production seemed to flow seamlessly as my obsession with this style of music continuously grew. Eventually, I had to try a hand at music production myself. The project kickstarted with bootleg Remixes of early 2000’s hip-hop songs like that of Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga,” OutKast’s “Roses,” Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction,” & more. These remixes really resonated with people, as they provide hints of nostalgia & breathe new life into songs that many cherish.

I see you’re from Palm Beach, FL! I’m from Coral Springs. What was it like growing up down there? The music scene kind of lags compared to the rest of the world.

The electronic dance music scene in Palm Beach, FL is virtually nonexistent. I certainly was never surrounded by dance music as someone would be if they grew up in Los Angeles. However, driving an hour and a half south to Miami allows for great possibilities in the dance music world, specifically in that of the techno genre. I felt like producing electronic dance music in Palm Beach, FL is something that is almost so absurd that it pushed me even further.

At what point did you feel you were ready to move to LA?

I don’t feel like there was a certain point of readiness in my move to LA. I desired to put myself into an uncomfortable situation, being surrounded by so much talent, competition, and inspiration all at the same time, & see what I could make of it.

If your moniker were to have a mascot, what animal/character would you choose and why?

A Lion, as they are royal, brave, & high-profile animals.

Your music has had some pretty big syncs over the past couple years. K-Pop award festivals, Hershey’s commercials, Diplo & Friends. What has been the most significant milestone of your career so far?

Certainly, all of these achievements have helped grow the project tremendously, culminating in where it is today. I can’t specifically point to one significant milestone, but some of my favorite accomplishments are Remix & original releases for labels like OWSLA (as part of their Nestivus Campaign), Dim Mak, Disruptor Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, and more; having my “Colors” Remix featured in a nationally airing Hershey’s chocolate television commercial; K-Pop stars GOT7 performing to my remix of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ at the 2015 SBS Awards Festival in front of a TV audience of millions; 11 Hype Machine #1’s; and many more! Indubitably, all of this would never be possible without the right team supporting me.

Who are you most excited/hopeful to collaborate with in the coming months?

I haven’t thought about or taken on many collaborations at the moment. I’m very interested in attempting to pave my own lane and work on strictly original PLS&TY content, aside from Remix work.

Your sound is quantifiably ‘Future Bass.’ How can artists in this space best keep the sound alive and fresh?

I feel that many artists who are just now attempting to get into this space with its heightened popularity and commercialization will transpire to listeners in precisely this inauthentic way. However, those that produce ‘Future Bass’ because they have found their sound & passion in it will forever remain as the groundbreaking few. Of course, there is always room for growth, & newness will only be sanctioned from successful mistakes and pure experimentation.

Tell us about the Good Vibes tour! How’d it go?

Fantastic! The “Good Vibes” tour was a tremendous success, seeing six sold out shows across the U.S. Aside from select headline dates, I had the pleasure of supporting noteworthy acts like Illenium, Louis Futon, Crywolf, & more. A “Good Vibes” Tour 2.0 might be just around the corner!

Do you have any plans to bring a live element to your stage performances?

Ah, this is a conversation I’ve had many times with Max, my booking agent. I don’t foresee bringing live elements to my performances any time soon, but that’s not to say it’s entirely excluded from the future. My vision primarily surrounds the visual components, and stage/lighting design of my performances. I desire to tour with a custom stage/lighting rig, and provide fans with a unique experience in this way. PLS&TY, as a project, has always placed tremendous importance in high-profile visual components to accompany the music, like album artworks, graphics, etc., and I feel these elements are what should be amplified in a live setting.

What can we expect from your MiniMix with us today?

No surprises. This MiniMix is simply a ton of my favorite songs at the moment. Enjoy!

PLS&TY MiniMix Tracklist:
– Darci – Seeing Colors
– Sophia Black – Vibration (Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
– The Life of Peder – Edit
– Mura Masa – Lotus Eater
– Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) – Edit
– Zedd – Papercut (Grey Remix) – Edit
– O.G. & Boujee (Andrew Luce Tool) – Edit
– Mr. Carmack – Pay For What w/ Beyoncé 7/11 – Edit
– Sam Gellaitry – Long Distance
– Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Ekali Remix)
– Slumberjack – Open Fire (Ganz Remix) – Edit
– What So Not – Lone (Slow Hours Remix)
– Slumberjack – Take Me
– G Jones – Helix w/ Desiigner Panda Edit
– What So Not – Jaguar (Benzi Edit)
– Kid Cudi – Day N Nite (Just A Tune Flip)
– DMVU – Bloccd
– Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
– PLS&TY – Used To This (Trails Remix)
– PLS&TY – Hiding From The Rain (Xan Griffin Remix)
– PLS&TY – Good Vibes

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