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Stoney Roads have always been on the forefront of new talent, which is why their latest pick-up, Sydney’s Piecey, came out of the gate so developed. His most recent song “Season” takes immediate hold on you, and indicates a mature and soulful sound. Yet his background as a producer is equally rivaled by his years honing the craft of DJing.

We were only recently introduced to Piecey’s music, but felt like he was a natural fit for a MiniMix. Closing out the year on our 2017 slate of NEST HQ MiniMixes, here is Piecey, along with an interview about his plans for 2018.

How does production and songwriting differ from DJing for you?

I always try to create some form of narrative when I’m in both processes of writing originals and creating mixes. It’s just that with an original track, I do this by creating my own set of sounds, within an original musical architecture. With these types of mixes, it’s a similar strategy of creating some form of narrative, but by using the moods and ideas of originals and other people’s music to create the story. It completely depends on the context of the mix though. If I was to perform a heavier set, there would still be a narrative but more based on blending textures and grooves.

What are your recent favorites or discoveries as far as artists and tracks go?

I spent a few weeks recently in Berlin, and so my recent listening inevitably has been dominated by mostly techno and other groove-based music: (Vilix, Antigone, Blawan, to name a few.) While over here, I’ve heard Planetary Assault System’s ‘Desert Races’ getting a solid rinse! But on the more chilled side, Aris Kindt has released a great new record, ‘Swann and Odette’ – (I’m a massive fan of Francis Harris and all of his projects.) Kiasmos’ latest record is also very nice. Also, John Luther Adams’ ‘The Farthest Place’ has been one of my favourite pieces for a while now.

What can we expect from this mix?

I wanted to use some of my favourite vocal and melodically-interesting tunes for this mix. I like how tracks use vocals in different ways to the more conventional singer-songwriter style, so I chose a couple of tunes that do this. Good use of harmony is what really attracts me to an artist, and I wanted to use some tunes that exploit harmonic techniques in the mix. The last tune is one of my favourites: Gidge write some of the most incredible pieces of music!

What are you hoping to do in 2018?

I’m currently building a live set for the new year. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and I think that getting more hands-on and incorporating more improvisation with the performance will be refreshing. I’ve got a lot of original material in the works at the moment too!

How did you link up with Stoney Roads and what is it like working with them?

A mutual friend heard some of my music at a party. She flicked it over to the Stoney gents, and they called me in for a chat. They’re honestly some of the nicest dudes I know: always providing advice and encouragement, while also just being good friends. They are so passionate about the music scene and helping people get their names out there, and the bottom line is, they’re just solid blokes!

1. Aparde – Mouth ft. Annne
2. Powel – Kalophain
3. Robag Wruhme – Pnom Gobal
4. Kyson – A Song About the Future (Dave DK Extended Edit)
5. Dorisburg – Irrbloss
6. Kiasmos – Paused (Stimming Remix)
7. Gigde – Hope