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As bass house, like many electronic trends before it, whittles to a formulaic process, the Phlegmatic Dogs have been keeping things interesting by reinvigorating the genre’s core bass growls and underlying sounds. They’ve found a sound of their own, crunchy and sweet, and it’s been heavily supported by Night Bass, who released their past two EPs.

After their first Night Bass EP, Weegle, rose as a breakout hit thanks partially to the Eminem sample on its title track, they honed the unique aspects of their sound on the follow-up Keepmastik EP. This summer, they’ve started touring all across the globe, and earlier this month celebrated that tour with the free download “Steppin.” I see the Dogs as forward-thinking producers in a genre looking for its next directions, and even though they’re young, they will help guide bass house forward. For their MiniMix, they’ve included a slew of unreleased heat, and talked to us about their future plans.

What were the first types of music you tried to make?

We started when we met each other in 2010. At the beginning of Phlegmatic Dogs, we tried to make different stuff. Deep house at most, and some freak house, we called it chicken house. It was fun to mix it in sets, but it wasn’t popular anywhere haha. Once at the studio, we were trying to mix some house with drum and bass in production and we found some new sounds for ourselves. So today, that is the main thing we are working on.

Night Bass have been very supportive of your careers, helping push you to a new audience. How did you first link up with them, what has your relationship been like?

Some years ago, in the best times of Soundcloud, we met one guy from the Night Bass family there who played our tracks. It was Petey Clicks. We were very happy about this. We showed him our demos and one day we received email with a subject line like “Slater meets the Dogs”. We received full support from AC and all the fam. That’s why we like them – to feel ourselves are a part of community.

Why’d you decide to flip Eminem for your breakout hit “Weegle”?

You know, it’s just an accident. Not any special motive. We made it and we liked how it sounds. We thought that it could be a bad idea and you need to be sure. We tried to make many different vocals and new versions of “Weegle” before we released it. But you need to do things like you feel it, and we did it.

You’ve been pretty quiet with few music releases since Keepmastik. Is this because of your touring, or are you working on a lot of music in the background?

We are not too fast in production – ask Dustycloud ;) – we prepare each track for a long time, check it on the floor, mark many details. Only when we like it together are we sending it to release. But we have good news! We finished some new works before our USA and Australian tours, so there will be new releases soon.

What can we expect from this MiniMix?

Following on the previous question, we will share some secrets. You will hear some of our new works, and of course some brand new bangers of our friends. We hope that each of our listeners will find something special for themselves in this mix!

What’s coming up for the Phlegmatic Dogs for the rest of the year, and into next year? What is next?

We met many great artists in our first #dogstour2017, and we will try to finish some collaborations we started with them. We also did two more remixes for our friends, and of course our new Night Bass release is coming soon, before our next trip to the USA in January 2018.


1. Phlegmatic Dogs – Intro
2. Crawford – Life
3. Obscene Frequenzy – Rolling
4. Mij Mack – Jungle Ting
5. Riddim Commission – More Fire ft. $tush (LO’99 Remix)
6. Woz & Troy Gunner – DWN
7. Development – Drop That Ass
8. Phlegmatic Dogs – Westcoacter
9. Deadbeat UK – Certain Beat feat. Forca
10. Decibel – Skanks feat. Flowdan (Hybrid Theory Remix)
11. AC Slater – Misfits feat. Herve & Purple Velvet Curtains
12. Phlegmatic Dogs – Gotta Move
13. Jak Z – Ankle Fluff (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
14. Taiki Nulight & LO’99 – Okay
15. Roska & Jus Now – Osiris
16. Inkline – Blackout
17. Plump DJs – Fear The Funk
18. Phlegmatic Dogs – Keepmastik
19. Pavv – F U Pay Me
20. Royal Flush – Love Me More
21. Styn, Joedan – Beyond The Gutter (Dogs Edit)
22. Joedan – Mike Lowery
23. Tuff Culture – Satisfaction