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This week our MiniMix comes from Parker, the mystery producer who’s so endearing and talented we can’t even hate on his non-identifiable identity. This high-energy, ultra-weird mix is a fresh and wild ride packed full of unreleased tracks which he recommends pairing with any activity where you need a serious boost. Check out the tracklist and hilarious interview below, whoever this guy is he’s F-ing hilarious and you’re about to see/hear for yourself.

What’s the vibe of this mix and what activity or setting would you recommend pairing it with?

High energy vibe! Most of it are IDs and also a lot of new remixes/ bootlegs I’ve done! I would 100% recommend this when your gaming, working out or need a kick! Honestly anywhere..

Who is Parker or can you say?

Parker has given me new life. It was a fresh idea to push me to create what I want to create. Shape my own path, apread happiness, and help people. The little cartoon guy has so much meaning. I hope to make the people who follow me happy and be able to connect deep with my brand and music.

If you were to sum up the vibe of your music in 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Spicy, melodic, solid!!

What’s the most hilarious SoundCloud comment you’ve ever seen and/or received?

Oh man, I have a couple but one that comes to mind.. “B3asty bLa$tAtiOnz oN cRackin’ st@u$ fiyAh 🔥🔥💯🔊📢💯” WHAT.

What’s the last thing on the Internet you saw that made you laugh?

The last thing I saw on the internet that had me dying was seeing a border collie do yoga.. I don’t know why but it had me crying…. I have a border collie and I love him so much. Will I teach him yoga? Absolutely.

Who’s your favorite artist we’re probably not listening to yet?

A new act named DRAKK. His sound is so weird and fresh.. Keeps me moving and interested throughout. Def have to check him out!

What’s next for you musically and in life?

Another short EP! Really excited about this one. The name is called “shade” not even sure if I was supposed to say anything but who cares. Then the occasional free downloads. I love making tons music. I’m sitting on about 40+ tunes. I’m so lucky so see what happens next in life. I have no clue where music will take me! Hopefully far ;)

Are we alone in the universe? If we’re not, what tracks would you for sure include on a mixtape for an extraterrestrial race?

I’m gonna stick to dance music only because I can go on and on with 1000 tracks outside of dance music but I’ll pick a couple Dum Dadi Du, cinema skrillex remix, PPK resurrection, Power Of The Mind, Afterlife, Koko, I could be the one, and Reasons? There’s way more.. trust me. TRUST ME and I only listed song names. The aliens have to ask me who created each song…. Then I’ll show them more. Easy.


Parker & OH BOY – Home (Original Mix)
D4L – Laffy Taffy (Parker Remix)
Parker – Buttercup (No Money Edit)
WUKI – DADADADADA [Acraze Jersey Remix]
Offspring – Staring at the sun x ID-ID (ID Mashup)
ID (Side To Side Edit)
Skrillex – WEEKENDS!!! (Parker Remix)
Ookay & Fox Stevenson – Lighthouse (Parker Bootleg)
Beneath The Lights – Darren Styles Remix
Showtek – Cannonball x Somnium Sound – Repulsive (Parker Mashup)
ID-ID x Diplo – Set me Free (ID Mashup)
Ewan Strauss (All I Do Is Win) x Say yes (Eptic Remix) – PARKER Mash
The Game & Skrillex – El Chapo (Parker Bootleg)
Parker – Shy
Zedd – Get Low (Parker Remix)
Parker – Spark (Shelter Mashup)
Parker – Afterglow