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For our Interview + MiniMix series this week, we’ve got a heavy, wobbly mix from the ambitious bass producer ONHELL. Bred in Oakland and now based in Los Angeles, ONHELL specializes in raw, throbbing beats with a hyphy edge. He’s released on acclaimed labels such as Terrorhythm and STYLSS, pushing his forward-thinking experimental sound into international territory. His latest remix of Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up” has been smashing on socials, and we just had to get a 30-minute offering from the man himself. Check out his MiniMix and interview below to learn more about his inspiration, what he’s into these days, and what went into this mix.

What activity is this mix best paired with?
Fuckin’, or just riding around bumping that shit with friends getting fucked up responsibly and smoking weed.

I’m in love with the dichotomy between dark beats and hyphy vibes in your sound. What’s your inspiration for balancing those vibes?

It’s honestly just what happens when I sit down to write a tune. I love rap music. I love dark, destructive-sounding beats. I love soooooo much music and love to just take from it all. I do want to hear that more from people in their own music. I want to hear multiple different vibes and influences in their music instead of emulating another artist.

You’ve released on Plastician’s Terrorhythm Recordings, one of the coolest labels out there, in my opinion. How’d you link up with Plastician?

My good friend Psy fi booked me to open for Plastician back in Humboldt County knowing Plastician would like my beats. And sure enough, he came up to me with his charming British accent and said, “You played a couple a chunes in your set that I didn’t recognize.” I sent him the beats later on and I got on Terrorhythm. All the love to Plastician.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

I reposted an Instagram story of these gay strippers dancing with their assholes out to the Yo Gotti remix. Like, legit assholes out. Was pretty dope. Shout out to Jolly Jeff, all the gay fans that fuck with bass music. I know it can be pretty hetero at some of the shows, but we gonna change that.

Out of all the tunes you’ve made, which one do you think represents your essence the best?

Honestly, some tunes I haven’t released yet. But they aren’t even close to where I want to be eventually. My final form is not for ages and ages. But “Afterlife” is a good one.

What’s your favorite tune to play out right now?

Probably my Yo Gotti remix rn. I’ve had people yell “RAKE IT UP” at me while I’m playing my set, like it’s “Freebird” or something lol. When it drops people recognize it and just go hard.

What are you interested in that most people aren’t aware of?

I guess lately I’ve been into 90-day Fiancé, Little Snake, Ital Tek, Demdike Stare, Age of Empires 2, this lilMexicann food grill spot on the side of the road in the Fashion District, drinking mezcal, smoking weed with people I’m comfortable with.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of the year?

My next Remixtape Vol. 2 is dropping in February via Dome of Doom. Got a tour coming up in the springtime with my good friend, Thelem. Working on an EP for Terrorhythm. Maybe some vinyl releases. And then, I just have so many beats sitting around. I might just do some casual beat tape drops for my lovely peoples.


ONHELL – Graveyard Shift
Sounds Boy – Pretty Boy Swag
ONHELL – Afterlife
ONHELL – Hallelujah Beat
ONHELL – 130 Croatia Beat
ONHELL – 130 Dubstep Chune
Potions – Ghillie Suit
Mystry – Pulse 8
Danny Brown – Break It (Go)
Darq E Freaker – Cherryade
Skepta – That’s Not Me (ONHELL Remix)
Selecta (Onhell Remix)
ONHELL & sAuce – Desert Eagle
P Money & Blacks – Going to War (ONHELL Remix)
ONHELL – Yo Gotti Instrumental
Little Snake – If You Don’t Know
ONHELL & Saule – Untitled
Yo Gotti – Rake It Up (ONHELL Remix 2)
Lady – Pussy
Faze Miyake – Fusion
Juicy J – Zip & a Double Cup
Huey – Pop Lock and Drop It
Clicks & Whistles – Fumando
Future – Poppin Tags (ONHELL Remix)
ONHELL – After Kendrick Interview
ONHELL – Linden
Andy Stott – Damage (ONHELL Remix)
Shawna – Getting Some Head
Tsuruda – Pack Heat
Trigga X Chimpo X Sam Binga – Who Run Tings
Dr Derg – Hypnotize Ft. Gangus
Ital Tek – Covra
ONHELL & Sigrah – On Sight