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This very special Coachella week, we’re honored to have Nora En Pure craft a luscious, adventure-inspiring MiniMix for us. If you’re making your way to Indio for opening weekend of the festival, we recommend bumping this deep-house soul mix for a gentle come-up to what’s sure to be an epic weekend. We also asked Nora about the contents of this mix, her South African roots, and what drives her sound. Read on below while you enjoy this blissful, classic mix.

What activity or activities is this mix best paired with?

I think my music is best paired with adventure, so it could be a good one for a road trip or background music for when you’re on holiday. 

What do you think was unique about your childhood that most contributed to the artist you grew up to be?

Being from South Africa and growing up being outdoors and in the wilderness often has definitely played a massive role in the kind artist I have become, as I love to infuse nature sounds into my productions and create a sense of wanderlust. I have always been inspired by African sounds and like to bring elements of it into my own tracks.

Was there a particular moment or catalyst that prompted you to dedicate your life to making music?

It happened very naturally when “Come With Me” began seeing success. I then decided to start touring, not knowing if it might be 10 gigs per year or 50 or 100… it was a lot of hard work, playing half empty clubs trying to spread my sound. Slowly things began to grow, but I never expected to be where I am now, playing immense stages, festivals or so many sold out shows… but it has been a long and steady process with a lot of dedication and belief in the Nora En Pure characteristic sound.

Is there any particular way you want your music to make people feel?

I like to go a little deeper, rather than just playing high energy sets, or fun music to dance to… I try to take the crowd a little deeper, which may be less danceable, but is music that touches the listener and leaves a lasting impression. 

What’s the last thing you saw on the Internet that made you laugh?

Some funny clip involving a monkey and some tourists somewhere in Asia, but just telling the story wouldn’t translate ;-)

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life and if so what songs would you for sure include on a mixtape for them?

I don’t believe in other existences to the extent that our planet is (as in human life somewhere other than planet earth), but if there is / was I would probably send some of my own tracks lol. I feel they could make other people understand what our planet has to offer especially in respect to nature. “Like Diving With Whales,” maybe “Tears In Your Eyes” to express the emotion of love, something happy and groovy like “True” and maybe “Saltwater” to also send a reworked classic along… ;-)


The Dualz – Dream Vision (Instrumental Mix)

Dilby – Lens Flair (Original Mix)

Foals – Exits (George FitzGerald Remix)

Dee Montero – Ventura (Short Edit)

Danijel Kostic – Infinity (Original Mix)

Modd & Hosini – Swallow’s Nest (Original Mix)