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You’ve seen plenty of articles on MOUTHE here at NEST HQ. At this point, you’re probably most familiar with their show-stopping music video for their single “Let The Boy Live.” Perhaps you’ve even seen them perform live on their tour with ScHoolboy Q. Either way, MOUTHE are in it to win it, and they’re doing so with the power of a thousand bass-fueled suns. Heavy experimental music is their bread and the multifaceted layering of unique synths, toplines, and pitched-down vocals are their grass-fed butter.

Their MiniMix with us today is a bit of a departure from what we’re used to hearing from their camp. You can expect a solid round of lo-fi hip-hop, delicate trap, and proper tunes from Masego, Thrupence, JedBux, and more. Sit back, relax, and get lost in the wonder of MOUTHE’s mind.

Hey MOUTHE! Tell us a bit about the MOUTHE project.

Just try and make things I can listen to in 10 years without hating. That means something new i never heard before sometimes or whatever. It’s usually conceptual in nature but doesn’t have to be. I dunno. This artist dude ‘El Huervo’ draws my portrait as well. He’s a g.

How did you get started with music?

Started the same way as everyone… listening to Nirvana, then guitar lessons in tha teenage everything is black in tha cave of solitude phase, after that the natural progression to the 4 track recorder and rapping over casio beats etc etc. Don’t wanna bore u. Stay true to your dreams kids.

How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

The sound is like the inside of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach in “Alien” when she’s incubating that cray ass lil alien bro. I wish he had a name. Hector. Shit sounds like Hector yo.

Your music features pitched-down vocals and a lot of craaazy instrumentals. What does your live setup look like?

Microphone, DJ and a banner with a cartoon drawing of me on it. Shit’s pro. This dude Mander drew it. Try and keep it simple you feel me? There’s also some projections and a trapeze artist. Just kidding about the projections.

When did you see music as something you’d be doing full-time?

I think when I was listening to Nirvana I was like: ‘yea.’ Or it might have bee this Brian Eno album. I was pretty much done from one of those points on. What else is there to do on the earth though? Like seriously.

Any crazy stories from your tour with ScHoolboy Q?

Schoolboy Q tour was lit..fam..Gained a champagne baby and didn’t sleep for a month.  In transit, whilin’ out Scottish drunk fistfights, not enough nutrients, scurvy, stage dives ending in shove matches, calling out kids for waving middle fingers, more beer and champagne after arguing with venue peeps for under stocking the fridge, passing out in hotel hallways, going to red light district and not shopping, getting arrested at UK customs, missing gigs….I dunno…your run of the mill tour experience overall. No lap dances or anything. Sold some merch and shit.

You guys were nominated for the Grammis (Swedish Grammys) for the “Let The Boy Live” video. That must’ve been so huge for you guys.

Yea that’s something I didn’t see coming. Being nominated for a grammy is real tight. The party was fun. They had lil mini hamburgers that went real hard in the paint. I sat next to the dude from the Teddybears in the ceremony. I guess that was the mask section or whatever.

Any advice for new musicians trying to find their sound in a seemingly oversaturated dance music market?

Cry a lot alone in the fetal position until a sound jumps out you never heard and then run with it. Hopefully you will still have your ear and your sanity at that point but if not…. even better. I think girls dig dudes with messed up ears. Those UFC bro’s prolly do real well.

What do you have in the works for 2018?

Album coming out in late Spring. 1 more single before that with Elliphant. Flames.

What can we expect from your mix with us today? It seems like you’ve got a lot of lo-fi stuff in there; a bit different from what you’re known for, but all fiiire tunes.

This is my version of spa music. One step above elevator music. Just one lil step above. Keep saliva real potent and hit that lil sideways triangle.


  1. Thrupence – Holiday
  2. Medasin & Masego – Coffee
  3. Iman Omari – 19 hours
  4. Rejjie Snow – 1992
  5. Submerse – VHS CHORDS
  6. Hans – I’ll be okay
  7. Tompabeats – Monday Loop
  8. Thrupence – Don’t you mind
  9. The Deli – Pastels
  10. Flofilz – Basement Jazz
  11. Shlomo – Places
  12. Quasimoto – 247
  13. Mouthe – Let the boy live