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This week, we have a very special edition of our weekly MiniMix series with a contribution from low-key producer legend Mat Zo. His work both as a creator and founder of MAD ZOO has baffling range; his daily creative output ranges from drum and bass to transcendental trance to highly cinematic party music. He’s also a prolific digital painter and does much of the artwork for MAD ZOO’s releases himself, often by hand. He’s a creative force of nature with winds blowing pretty gently over progressive and electro house seas through this nearly 30-minute mix with moments of glitchy breaks, heavyweight bass, and glittering disco synth reverie.

Mat just released his Tracing Steps EP, included above, and those songs are featured in this adventure of a mix. And if you’re in LA come out to the MAD ZOO family reunion April 5th, which will be held at a secret venue in downtown LA and see performances from MRSA, Roxanne, Krayysh, Glacci, Vhsceral.

Bump this mix at once while you check out the interview below.

What activity or activities is this mix best paired with?

Thanks for inviting me! It’s just a collection of a few of my current/recent tracks, so idk, buying MAD ZOO merch?

Can you tell us a little about your next release on March 11th?

It’s a track called “Deep Inside” which is a single from my EP called Tracing Steps. It’s a clubby house-tempo song about social anxiety sung by a computer.

What do you love the most about your MAD ZOO fam?

We’re all just a bunch of creative people who are passionate about music and art, and everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. There’s no pretentiousness amongst MAD ZOO artists and no one feels like they have to be ‘cool’ to fit in. That said, we’re all really fucking cool.

Who are some artists who might not have hit our radar yet that we need to check out?

Lapsung, Glacci, Crispin & Crispian, and Groke. And people always name new artists but here are some older artists to check out: Lemon Jelly, Antiloop, Lynx (particularly the track “Disco Dodo”), and Microwave Prince.

What’s the last thing you saw on the Internet that made you laugh?

Some cat meme probably. Yeah, this one:

What do you think was unique about your childhood that most contributed to the artist you grew up to be?

I grew up in a pretty militantly artistic household. Instead of lawyers and doctors, my parents expected my brothers and I to be musicians and artists. I definitely wouldn’t live and breathe music and art the same way if it wasn’t for that.

Was there a particular moment or catalyst that prompted you to dedicate your life to making music?

It’s hard to say if there was a particular moment. For a long time I wanted to be a graphic designer but do music on the side, and then music just turned out to be the thing I was better at. I think maybe when a bootleg of mine got played out by a DJ who I looked up to at the time in 2006, I realised there might be something there.