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Coined as the queen bitch of hardstyle, Lady Faith is kicking ass and taking names. She’s recognized as the number one hardstyle DJ in America, playing festivals like EDC Las Vegas and headlining her own shows across the country. Beginning her journey in Iran, Faith grew up in a traditional household while containing a rebellious spirit, resulting in frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police — one encounter even includes a high-speed chase for the crime of attending a party. She took a complicated journey to America which took multiple attempts, but she persevered and has lived in Los Angeles ever since.

Faith embraces alluring melodies and hard-hitting kicks in her own productions, like on her singles “Basic Bitch” and “Underground,” and she’s known to incorporate ruthless raw hardstyle into her live sets. Today’s installment of the Interview + MiniMix series is a special Fourth of July edition, opening with Faith’s hit collaboration with DJ Stephanie titled “America.” Learn more about Faith in the interview below, and brace yourself for this insanely high energy MiniMix courtesy of Lady Faith.

If you’ve yet to catch one of her performances, Lady Faith and DJ Stephanie are headlining Exchange LA this Saturday, July 7th in preparation for Basscon: Wasteland on July 27th and 28th. Buy your tickets for Saturday’s show here and cop passes for Wasteland here.

What activity is this mix best paired with?

It’s really hard to not dance while listening to hardstyle. You would be surprised at how many activities I enjoy while listening to hard dance. It really goes with so many things.

Tell me about what drew you to playing and making hardstyle.

It’s my rebellious nature. Hardstyle just speaks to me on a very personal level. It provides me with an outlet. After listening to hardstyle, I always feel at peace.

I’ve seen you perform countless times and you’re quite an inspiration to myself and many others. What kind of journey did you take to get to the level of success you’ve reached now?

There are many challenges for a Persian woman to succeed in this business but at the end of the day, it just makes you a stronger person and a better artist. Nothing in my career came easily but I continue to grow and improve and my amazing fans support me at every juncture.

You and DJ Stephanie collaborated on an EP titled America. What inspired both of you to dedicate this release to the United States?

Stephanie wanted to show her appreciation to the American fans and I have always wanted to do a song about the country I love dearly, so we decided to create this track together. I really get emotional when it plays in front of the crowds. Everybody seems to love the track.

How do you like to celebrate the Fourth of July?

I love the fireworks, but I have seen them too many times now. Instead, I will spend my time with some close friends and enjoy a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment?

I really love Nicki Minaj. That girl is tearing it up right now.

For those who aren’t so knowledgeable about (or are even apprehensive to) hardstyle, what would you like to tell them about this music?

Hardstyle is a very powerful, yet melodic sound that is just so energetic and emotional that you can’t help but just dance your ass off. The hard dance fans are the most loyal and passionate fans for a reason. You have to hear it for yourself from an artist that specializes in hardstyle. There is nothing quite like it in the EDM world and every fan should give themselves a chance to hear what all the buzz is about.


Stephanie & Lady Faith – America
Brennan Heart & Toneshifterz – Don’t Stop Rockin
Lady Faith – Basic Bitch
Stephanie & Lady Faith – No Sleep
Zatox – My Strength Is Hardstyle
Lady Faith – Bestie
DJ Isaac, Tuneboy, Technoboy – Power Hour
Lady Faith – PLUR