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London-based artist Jamz Supernova cooked up this week’s very special ADE MiniMix in celebration of her performance at OWSLA‘s Crane pop-up, open all week long at the Crane Hotel in Amsterdam, as well as their official ADE showcase at Paradiso Noord Thursday night. This eclectic, genre-spelunking mix comes in hot with a spicy edit of French Montana’s “Unforgettable” before taking us low-low then blasting us off again with “The Diamond Light.” It ebbs an flows between culture-melding sonic subtleties and dramatic, big-feels moments. Dive into this mix and her interview below.

For those of us not attending ADE this year and sitting at home with FOMO, what activity do you recommend pairing this mix with?

Pre-party vibes! If you’re getting ready to go out blast it on your speakers & if you’re en route to a party, headphone vibes!

What are you most looking forward to in Amsterdam this year?

Even though Amsterdam is so close to London I’ve only been able to be there for 24 hours at a time! So I’m really excited to really have some time to take it all in! And playing the Crane! I’m super excited for that! No idea what to expect but I’m ready!

Describe your musical style in 3 adjectives.

I have two personas soo!… DJ wise: Upfront, Brash, industrious. Radio wise: Chilled, Melodic, Cosmic

What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve seen on the Internet lately?

So I’m obssessed with the Internet & constantly tagging my friends in ridiculous posts! But I can’t pick one! So Here are my fave Instagram comedians here and here! If you’re having a down day, head there for instant laughs!

If you weren’t making music what else might you be doing with your life?

If I wasn’t either DJ’ing in clubs or on the radio I would be behind the scenes making music documentaries & probably managing acts!

What was unique about your childhood that most contributed to the artist you’ve grown up to be?

I think it was having both parents who were completely consumed by music. It’s all we did listen to music be it old or new, going music shopping from the age of 5. Cheap production software installed on the computer was just as much a past time as playing the playstation! And even trading music with family members, I remember my uncle’s & aunts coming around just to tape a new album my mum had! That has definitely defined who I am as a taste maker as it’s all just second nature!

If you were going to make a mixtape to help bring about world peace, what songs would for sure be included on it?

SNØW & Dismantle – Peace & Love
Solange – Cranes In The Sky
Tupac – Changes
Ibeyi – Deathless
Bob Marley – One Love
Common – The Light
Lauryn Hill – Zion

What artists and/or playlists should we be listening to who likely haven’t hit our radar yet?

Murder He Wrote, wicked Funky & bass producer from London! Sly One, 3 sick Bristol based producers. And a new label called More Time headed by SNØW & Ahadadream which features really cool club releases!


French Montana – Unforgettable (Cardinal Sound Remix)
DJ Polo – Signet
Poté – Model (Nan Kolé Remix)
MINA – Sentah (Kking Kong Remix)
MC Fioti – Joga O Bum Bum Tam Tam
Murder He Wrote – Seeds Ridiim
Tony Quattro – Igbese (Feat. Magagu)
Boeke – Pronto
Uniiqu3 & Yungkidd – Trunk
Motu – Tek Weh
Cardinal Sound – Different style (Feat Killa P)
Kking Kong – Vou Matar Lá Um
Be Skippy – How Dare You
Riton – Rinse & Repeat (Ase Manual Remix)
Kingdom – Down 4 Whatever (VIP CHOP)
Taiki Nulight – Trippin’ Up
Flowdan – Original Raggamuffin (Feat. Wiley)
Jorja Smith – On My Mind (Preditah VIP Mix)