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This past year has been a rollercoaster for Danny Dwyer. From collaborating with Soulection’s j.robb, to reworking Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” into a house banger, and releasing “what you want”, an original R&B soul sensation, the man is all over the place. Today we are treated to an eclectic mix full of originals, remixes, and unreleased gems.

Who have you been listening to recently?

Just recently I’ve been really into the new King Krule record, also Anderson .Paak, Frank Ocean, Lil Pump. Someone just put me onto J.I.D, he’s super tight. Also Bill Evans, kendrick, White Stripes, Sum 41, Uzi, yea a lot of stuff.

What can we expect from this mix?

I really am constantly experimenting when I’m in the studio and I really like putting different sounds and ideas together that you might not expect. I really like using remixes and things to put music into a different context and allow the listener to think about how different music connects in a new way.

You tend to bounce around in genres, what inspires you to do this?

When I listen to music I’m looking more for a specific feeling than I am a genre. Sometimes I just happen to find that feeling across a bunch of different genres. It’s something I’ve never really thought too much about. I feel like a lot of the greats I look up to like Miles, Coltrane, Dilla, were always moving and changing with the world and culture around them. My focus is really following what I feel and processing how everything I like relates to who I am and what I create.

What are your goals for 2018?

Mostly just to continue to create and learn. I hope to be constantly open-minded and allow my music to grow and change as it needs to.

What can we expect to hear next from Danny Dwyer?

A lot of new music on the way. I have been doing a lot more singing and writing the past few months so it will be cool to continue to see that work come to light in the near future.