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2018 is about to be a big year for the elusive Canadian duo ChuurchAfter a relatively quiet two years, releases on Deadbeats, This Ain’t Bristol, and Perfect Driver tease the weighty size of the repertoire of slammers they’ve been hoarding away. This MiniMix is a 100% Chuurch-infused adrenaline injection straight to the heart.

NHQ: For our readers that don’t know much about you, can you tell us a little bit about Chuurch?

Chuurch: We’re two musicians who share a vision with one goal in mind: to create the best and most authentic music possible. After a chance meeting in Calgary, we decided to start collaborating on some production, which was something both of us had not done before. We come from very different and separate musical backgrounds, which I think is the reason our project evolved to what it is today. ‘Chuurch’ means “to assemble” among other things, and that’s what we try to do through our project. We focus on building our music around our live shows; this approach really shapes how we work in the studio because we’ve been crafting our tunes to fit different elements of our sets.  Jeff has been performing music since he was like 14 and is a constant networker so he’s been able to hustle a really strong coast-to-coast tour schedule at some of the most premiere festivals and clubs. From Shambhala to Space Yacht, its been an epic year and a half.

NHQ: I first found your music a couple months back, and I’ve been rinsing out some of your tunes at parties ever since. People ALWAYS make a point to stop me after a set to ask about “Flippin’ The Bird.” After a quiet two years, I’m so excited to see you guys resurfacing with releases on prestigious imprints like Deadbeats & This Ain’t Bristol, what else does 2018 have in store for you guys? 

Respect. Thank you for the support my g. Yeah, we have been really strategic in the roll out of our records. 2018 is the year our fans have been waiting for. We’ve been holding on to this music tight, waiting for the perfect opportunity to really launch it all correctly. We know this frustrated a lot of people in the beginning, but the union stayed loyal and helped shut down and pack every single show we did last year… we’re gonna give that love back in 2018 by releasing everything we have been playing live since our inception in summer 2016. We’re finally ready to let the rest of the world in on what we have goin’ on over here, s/o NEST & Harrison @ Deadbeats… we’re about to level up.

NHQ: I think you’ve managed to reach a particularly distinguished sound — a kind of 90’s hip-hop crunch with Blog Haus tendencies, all wrapped up in 2020 sound design. What’s been inspiring your guys’ sound over the last couple of years?

Hip hop, soul, jazz, rock, dance, pop, we’ve spent our lives studying or working in so many different aspects of music independently. We come from separate music worlds for sure. So, when we came together to make music it was cool because both had something new to share with each other. Together we have a pretty wide understanding of musical history, theory, production, and performance, but the best part was we both had the same vision for where we wanted our music to go in the future.

The people actually coined a name for the genre in 2016 after we threw down at Shambhala… it made sense as soon as I heard it…. Lean Bass. S/O Ksoms… I’m a huge hip hop head and love a lot of the East Coast beat makers, and Jeff came into dance music through Justice and the blog house days. Overall, it’s just the natural chemistry we have… on one hand, you’ve got one guy who holds a university degree in jazz – been playing the guitar, making dance music and DJing for the better part of 15 years, and worked as a business development manager at PK Sound. He’s also a perfectionist. On the other, you have a sample-based hip hop producer who’s been collecting records and drums, studying the music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with a major love of Soul and making records with guys like Snak The Ripper & KRS-1. That all comes together in a session. We take turns in the driver’s seat, one being the ‘beat-maker’ and the other being the ‘producer.’ It’s like Han Solo and Chewbacca, or maybe like spy versus spy… we’re not sure. All we know is we make it happen the way we want it to happen while staying true to our roots.

NHQ: What can we expect from the MiniMix?

It’s filled with 100% Chuurch – IDs. Always. We only play our own tunes live or otherwise. It’s got recently released records, along with some new VIP mixes of our more recognizable tunes, and we’re gonna preview some of the new stuff we’ve been working on for some coming up for releases. We got a number of big records coming out early this year on paramount labels and we are super excited to tease them here!

NHQ: You have 5 minutes in the grocery store and you’re super hungry. What do you grab?

If we’re in LA we’re probably skipping the grocery store and goin’ with Asparagus Pizza on Cahuenga HAHA! When we’re down there we always stay with the big homie Lox (Lox Chatterbox) and it’s happened a few times where we go to get groceries and end up going to this pizza spot next-door because it’s faster and easier. That place is jokes… if you call in an order for pick up they just say “ok 20 mins” and hang up immediately…. they ask for no other info. Legends… but I got to hand it to them, it’s always ready when we get there and, real talk, the pizza is good AF! Jeff’s always said his spirit animal is a Donair… lately been keeping it pretty healthy though, we got a busy schedule ahead of us right now so longevity is everything. We want to be doing this till we’re old and deaf.

Chuurch – ID
Chuurch – ID
Sammy Legs – Touch Me (Chuurch Remix) [Tons & Tons]
Chuurch – ID
With You. – Ghost feat. Vince Staples (Chuurch VIP Remix)
Chuurch – ID
Chuurch – ID
Zeds Dead x Illenium – Where The Wild Things Are (Chuurch Remix) [Deadbeats]
Chuurch – Purple Ghost feat. Bricc Baby [Deadbeats]
Chuurch – ID

Chuurch – Shifftee