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This week we’re back with yet another one-of-a-kind NEST HQ MiniMix, this time from bk beats who takes us on a totally unexpected, big-feels, genre-twisting route peppered with tons of unique vocal sections and rich sonic tapestries with countless sounds that make you go, “WTF is that?!” in the best possible way. We checked in with the LA-based producer about what and who inspired some of his track picks for this absolutely gorgeous, completely unique mix and what activities he recommends pairing it with. Check out the full interview and tracklist below.

What activity and/or setting would you recommend pairing this mix with?
Taking a walk with your fav headphones.

What or who do you normally listen to in order to start your day off right?
Dream beach, old playradioplay! or tdoyle.

What factors about your childhood most contributed to the artist you’ve grown up to be?
My family is very music oriented and that shaped my preferences a lot, sk8 video soundtracks had a big impact on me as well.

If you could collab with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?
Jon Brion and Young Thug on the same track just to do it on em.

Are we alone in the universe? If not, what songs would you for sure include on a mixtape for extraterrestrials?
No, the truth is definitely out there. Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Chanel Swagg, arca – wound, lanark artefax – flickering debris, and at least 1 lil b song.

Which artists should we be looking out for this year who likely haven’t hit our radar yet?
u guys are def up on fluke nukes but he’s always worth mentioning. also reighnbeau, fknsyd, svani, yayoyanoh, airynore, order66, bulma, & 1960sfe inspire me a lot lately!


Kastle – Angel Tech (fknsyd Remix)
Thomas White x bk beats – underwater level
hi tom – K
bk beats – 25-26
bk beats – trinity
hi tom – tool (buhbye guitar)
raHHH – Clouds
Canblaster – Inner Voxes (Florentino Remix)
Fluke Nukes – Finals (w/ bk beats)
Kingdom – Nurtureworld (Bok Bok Remix)
DJC – C100
Merca Bae – Said Riddim
kelman duran – s.a.p. – de la ghetto (DEMBOW EDIT)
Fluke Nukes – HOL UP
Vio_l3t – Sentinel
bk beats – strangers
Kid Antoine – Inclusive
bk beats – forest
bk beats – forest (tdoyle remix)
Fluke Nukes – Max (w/ bk beats)
Kastle – Daemon
Dream Beach x Skywlkr – Sand Castle
Fluke Nukes x bk beats x Frank Ocean – steamy lens (Thomas White Mashup)