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This week, we’ve got bitbird all-star BeauDamian on deck with a new MiniMix that blends celestial trap, bubbling bass, frenetic electro-clash sequences, and shimmering synths into a harmonic convergence of cosmic party music inspired by the terrestrial affairs of basic-ass humans. We also caught up with the Dutch producer to find out how his journey into music began, how his dreams of becoming a professional athlete became transferred to music, and his hopes to meet a friendly, music-loving extraterrestrial one day. Put his mix on as you read, and don’t miss his epic tracklist at the end. He’s currently on tour of the US with San Holo — check those dates out here.

What activity or activities is this mix best paired with?
This mix is definitely meant for sporty people or for the ones who would like to clean their house as quick as possible. Because believe me, this mix will help, haha.

Is there any particular way you want your music to make listeners feel?
No, not at all. I have learned that everyone has their own perspective and that I can’t force people to make them feel some kind of way. I mean, happiness, sadness, anger or even emptiness can be interpreted so differently for one another. My music is purely a way to express my experiences/emotions and I hope that my listeners can relate to that.

What was unique about your childhood that most contributed to the artist you grew up to become?
I moved a lot when I was a kid. I never had one city where I can say that feels like home. I have seen many places and it is kinda funny, because I think this is the main reason why I love to make different genres in different emotions. Only focusing on one thing will not help me develop as a person and it will give me the feeling of imprisonment.

What was your first live music experience?
My first live music experience was at the Metropole Tuschinski Cinema in The Hague, Holland. It was the only cinema in The Hague where music was performed live during a movie. It was such an amazing experience! Too bad that this does not happen anymore. =( #Sad #BringBackLiveMusicInCinemas

Was there a particular moment or reason you decided to dedicate your life to making music?
When I ended my dream of becoming a professional soccer player at the age of 16. From that moment I realized that I had so much more time to become a better music producer. I always had a desire to be successful in something, so I decided to go full into music.

What’s the last thing you saw on the internet that made you laugh lately?
Definitely the Migos Carpool Karaoke with James Corden! If you haven’t seen it yet please do it right now! It will make your day hahaha! ^.^

Any words of wisdom for young musical creators just starting out?
Never stop learning, always be open minded to new things, never give up even tho life can be a b*tch, eat healthy, sleep enough, be careful with drugs/alcohol/attention (don’t be cocky), visit your family/friends, always follow your heart and don’t forget that negative feedback on your work isn’t personal. I know that your music feels like your baby, but it is just a product at the end!

Do you believe in extraterrestrials and if so, what songs would you for sure include on a mixtape for them?
I have never had an extraordinary experience, so I really hope to meet a kind/sweet/loving extraterrestrial someday. So yeah, I definitely believe in it! I don’t think I would like to make a mixtape for them. I would rather give a masterclass about in what kind of state of mind human beings can be and how artists managed to make amazing music about that. This is how I would present it to them!

1. Happy and Dreamy
Visible Cloaks – Wheel

2. At Peace
William Basinski – Watermusic II

3. High and Trippy (This can definitely be the languages of the Extra-Terrestrials)
Marcel Wierckx – Black Noise White Silence

4. Freaky and Overwhelmed
Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

BeauDamian x Holly – Sin City
ZEKE BEATS – The Mammoth
BeauDamian – Galaxy (ft. Lola Rice)
Post Malone – Better Now (BeauDamian Edit)
Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba (BeauDamian Edit)
Herzeloyde – Slice Dice
Quix x Matroda – Lambo
RayRay x Crisis Era – Ninja
Dirty Audio & ZEKE BEATS – Mind
Cesqeaux x LNY TNZ – Shake It
Apashe x Cherry Lena – Take Off
BeauDamian – No Know
BeauDamian – Sign Waves
BeauDamian – Shut Up
BeauDamian x Nymfo – Bounce
BeauDamian – Shiki’s Theme
BeauDamian x ZEKE BEATS – Faux Bourdon
Krischvn – Squanch
Kyral x Banko – Boinger
CHEE – Poker Dot
VinZere – Above O