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Allen French is a master of Earthly realms in his sound that ranges from deep, dark warehouse music to acoustic guitar-driven, so-called ‘world music,’ and we’re stoked to have him for this week’s MiniMix. This weird, wobbly house ride is a proper trance-inducing journey which Allen recommends pairing with a rising moon and if at all possible, a body of water. This guy knows how to create a mood and he threw a few unreleased gems on here to get us on his level. – Catch Allen September 14th in New York City for the Kitsuné Public Arts showcase along with Parcels, who casually made a track with Daft Punk. And now, enjoy Allen French!

Who is Allen French?
Allen French was born centuries ago in a mystical garden somewhere in France. Inspired by different cultures, he take those influences to create a journey through sound.

If Allen French were an alcoholic beverage what kind would you be?
Mezcal with a flaming citrus peel.

What activity is this MiniMix best paired with?
Watching the moon rise, outdoors and probably near some sort of trickling water.

What about your childhood most influenced your career path?
There wasn’t anything too specific but for as long as I can remember I’ve always been connected to music and had an interest in creating it. I eventually picked up a pair of turntables and learned how to manipulate a record and play music to a crowd of people. Being able to connect with someone through a DJ set is special and it was also the turning point which led me into producing. DJ sets are fun and memorable but they’re only temporary. Creating an original piece of music that could potentially last forever is extra special.

What consistently inspires you?
Vintage synthesizers, life, nature, ethnic cultures / rhythms, organic sounds.

Are we alone in the universe?
No and I’m going to quote a sample in an unreleased track of mine cause it’s too fitting: “I think there are many different life forms, cells and organisms. Some might not be visible, some may not have been discovered and some may be beyond places we can’t go. I think they all might have the same perspective as we do, that there might be others and that maybe we’ll find them some day.”

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing with your life?
Space traveling. Maybe. Or working in the music business. Probably the second one.

What’s the last thing you saw on the Internet that made you smile?
Apparently i was extremely late to “catch me outside, how bout dah” so my gf just showed me the Dr Phil clip and that had me going.

Who’s your favorite artist we’re not listening to yet?
Been into Stavroz lately. They did the second track on my mix :)


TKHS – Horn Thorns [unreleased]
Stavroz – Merci eclaire
Allen French – 4 the Masses [unreleased]
Kerala Dust- Nevada
Xique-Xique – Apnée
Bonobo – Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
Rampue – Leporidae
Allen French – Fiendin’
Polo & Pan – Dorothy
Allen French – Mi Mujer Mi Leon (Nicolas Jarr vs Sofi Tukker edit)
Dole & Kom – Pharah Oh
16 Bit Lolitas – Deep in My Soul
Madou – Nowhere Else