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This week’s MiniMix is a heavy blast of dubstep and raucous bass from A Boy & A Girl, the LA-based duo who are Jon and Monica respectively. The pair recommend putting on this mix for amplifying any high-energy, excitement-generating activity such as running with your dog, ordering ramen, or losing your virginity in the backseat of a car. Enjoy this outstanding, pedal-to-the-metal mix and A Boy & A Girl’s hilarious interview below – tracklist at the bottom.

Who’s the Boy and who’s the Girl?

Jon: LOL!! This is a question that people have been teasing us on for a bit now (see below). I mean.. I like clothes and don’t necessarily act like a stereotypical “dude”, and Monica is a big tomboy basshead so I can’t blame peeps for joking around. But anyway I AM THE BOY and she is the GIRL, haha!

Monica: Lmfao!!! People always be confusing us. Like Jon said we even get tweets about it asking “who’s the boy or girl.” Well as far as human anatomy officially states I am DEF the girl and he is a bOi! But I can play it off being one of the dudes for sure ;)

What’s the vibe of this mix and what activity or setting would you recommend pairing it with?

Monica: I’ve been into dubstep since the beginning so we love making aggressive sounding mixes. It’ll def get you head banging :)

Jon: Yeah… this is a pretty heavy mix. So listen to this any time you wanna while out get ur “everybody fu**in jump” in. Examples include running your dog, ordering ramen, and definitely not fucking meditating.

If you were to sum up the vibe of your music in 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Jon: Aggressive, Melodic, Bassy

Monica: Hard, Euphoric, & Wubby

What’s the most hilarious SoundCloud comment you’ve ever seen and/or received?

Jon: Good lord… um my boy Eliminate left a comment on one of our tracks that said “yo who’s making a guitar hero 4 version of this” that kind of made me lose it, and some guy actually started to make a version of it. Runner up would be this person saying “yo i lost my virginity to this drop in a car in Wyoming.”

Monica: Haha! Damn, def can’t forget the Eliminate comment for sure. Lol but some dude wrote “my neck hurts and is gonna hurt after this” and that literally cracked me up. Not trying to hurt u bud! We get some crazy ass comments

What was most unique about each of your childhoods that contributed to the artists you’ve become?

Jon: I come from a family of Russian classical musicians, so I guess it’s a little bit weird (but not so weird) that I transitioned from playing classical piano into producing bass music. I think everything I learned growing up has in some shape or form gotten mixed into this whole lil project with Monica.

Monica: I’m from Colombia, South America and pursuing music isn’t really something most people would do in our culture. I followed my heart and I’m so grateful to have two amazing parents who supported me the whole way. My dad loved blasting his music all afternoon after work and I would LOVE listening to the eclectic collection he had. Salsa/merengue & Carnaval music from latin culture def inspired me while I grew up. I started music lessons & producing early to graduating with an AAS at Berklee / Mcnally Smith College Of Music. Here I am now reppin the bass head community <3

What’s the last thing on the Internet you saw that made you laugh?

Monica: hahaha when Jon and I were taking a studio break he showed me “You’re A Wizard Harry,” I literally was on the floor crying. If you haven’t seen it, DO IT!!! I’m clearly easily amused.

Jon: Saw some video saying “nacho baths are now a thing”, and the video proceeded to have a man completely covered from head to toe in nacho cheese, guacamole on his face, cheese, tortilla chips and the whole nine yards. Wouldn’t mind having that done honestly (any sponsors out there..?).

Should SoundCloud live or die?

Jon: Any way that people can access music, they should be able to. I say keep it going despite the bullshit.

Monica: I’m with Jon on this one. Let it live!

Who’s your favorite artist we’re probably not listening to yet?

Monica: I’m loving what Svdden Death, Carbin, Bandlez & Hi I’m Ghost are cooking up lately. Out of my homies I’m digging a lot of Klaxx, Duelle, Away, Pixel Terror & RIOT.

Jon: Can’t say I have a favorite. But check out ALL of these guys: Klaxx, Pixel Terror, Pierce, dialedin, Wild Boyz!, AWAL, KTRL, Duelle, Nato Feelz, Eliminate.

What’s next for y’all musically and in life?

Jon: We’ve been keeping our heads down trying to finish up like 30 tracks, but we’re sitting on a ton of stuff that we’re unbelievably excited to release. Be on the lookout for more shows, a few surprises, new videos, merch, and the most important thing… more tunes.

Monica: We’re sitting on a good amount of material with some dope vocalists and incredible collabs. We hope y’all love it. Got some special surprises & changes on the way so stay tuned to our socials!! :)

Are we alone in the universe? If we’re not, what tracks would you for sure include on an mixtape?

Monica: I mean I’m forever alone BUT we def got the green homies out there watching us! I’m just waiting for them to take me away so I can go DJ some dubstep on Mars! A MUST on our Lit ass outerwordly mixtape? Anything off Never Say Die/Black Label or Disciple/Round Table for sure.
Jon: I think this planet is a bit crazy, so if we’re all that there is then we’re pretty screwed. Having said that no, there’s definitely stuff out there. Listen to Hakuna Matata from the Lion King and take a big breath.


Gammer – Let’s Get Crunk
Snails ft. Sarah Hudson – Into The Light
Reid Speed & FS – The Fixx (Eliminate Remix)
Riot Ten ft. Rico Act – Railbreaker vs. Krimer – Never Sit Down (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
Wild Boyz! & R3x0r – Illest VIP
Spag Heddy – Loca (Dubloadz Remix)
Oddprophet & Mastodon – Inconvenience
Dack Janiels – Extra Power
Boombox Cartel – Jefe VIP vs. Excision – With You (Sullivan King Remix) (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
Ray Volpe – Waiting
Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Crystalize Remix) vs. Herobust x MONXX – Giant Squiddim (Bandlez Remix) (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
Sudden Death – Dr. Boy Ball
Cardi B – Bodak Yellow vs. Chime – Mindbender (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
Joyryde – Damn (Wild Boyz! VIP) vs. 1000volts (Redman & Jayceeoh). ft. A Boy & A Girl and Nato Feelz – ID
Pixel Terror – Immortal
AFK & Carbin – ID
Zomboy ft. Nato – Young & Dangerous
Kayzo & RIOT – Wake up (A Boy & A Girl Remix)
SHARPS x Klaxx – ID
Soltan – Sahara
Snails & NIGHTMARE – Only Want U (Convex Flip)
Klaxx – ID
Wild Boyz! x Eliminate – Skurt (A Boy & A Girl Remix)
Lil Uzi Vert – XO Tour Life (Havok Roth Remix) vs. Bailo & Dryxo – Grid Lock (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
A$AP Ferg vs. Debroka – Rebel Level (Space Race Edit) vs. Rawtek – Tacos In LA (A Boy & A Girl Edit)
A Boy & A Girl – My City ft. Crichy Crich & King Tutt
A Boy & A Girl ft. Duelle – ID
Klaxx – ID
Krewella – TH2C (A Boy & A Girl Remix)
Nitti Gritti & Holly – ID