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We caught up with Dutch duo DROELOE last week to find out what’s been going on with the rapidly-rising, bitbird-releasing duo and today they have a new, ultra-dreamy track coming out on the label. “See Through Me” is full of surprises, I can’t quite put my finger on what the sounds are exactly but they’re so intricate and intoxicating, and the song builds and holds tension so well it gets under your skin without you needing to fully understand what about it is so compelling. However, after getting the chance to chat with DROELOE’s two members in the conversation printed below, it’s pretty obvious what’s so compelling about them as people – for starters they’re gracious, funny, and seem to be entirely fulfilled by being creative and enjoying each other, and that energy is like a magnet. Hear “See Through Me” below and without further adieu, meet Vincent and Hein.


Hein: Hee :)

Vincent: hey :D

NHQ: Happy day I hope! if it’s ok with you guys I’ll jump in here

Vincent: Cool!

NHQ: very well then, what are your names and how old are you two?

Hein: I’m Hein, 22 y/o

NHQ: hi Hein!

Vincent: My name is Vincent, 24 years of age

NHQ: hi Vincent! and how did you two become friends/collaborators?

Hein: We met in college actually!
Hein: Vince and I went to the same art school in the Netherlands

NHQ: were you guys studying music?

Vincent: well yeah I was, Hein studied graphic design. we worked on some projects together

Hein: And became bffs ever since basicly

NHQ: beautiful!
NHQ: how and when did you make the jump to producing music together?

Hein: Well we worked on a short film together called Havoc, Vince did all the music and sound design for it. And i helped with directing it together with one of our good friends Joris Weerts. Me and Joris shared a house back then and Vince came by a lot so we started to mess around with some stuff in the after hours

Vincent: yeah Joris showed us Mr. Carmacks music, and he inspired us to mess around with these kind of beats at the time. first kind of jokingly but after a while we genuinely started loving the sound and vibes.

NHQ: wow so how long have y’all officially been a duo?

Hein: Almost two years already, we actually uploaded our first track to soundcloud somewhere in April!

NHQ: going back a little further, could each of you tell me something unique about your childhoods that had to most impact on where you guys are creatively/professionally today?

Vincent: I had a childhood with a lot of jazz music, because both my parents were jazz drummers. my dad actually installed fruity loops on our computer when I was 7 so a lotta music around the house. later started rapping in dutch and producing my own beats, and that’s when I realised I like producing way more than rapping lol

Hein: For me its my mom, my dad passed away when i was really young so i basically grew up with only my mom. She really pushed me (and still pushes me haha) to do what I love and work hard to achieve my dreams.
Hein: #shoutouttoallthemoms

NHQ: yay moms!
NHQ: how do your families feel about y’all trying to make a career out of making and playing music?

Hein: Mine is really supportive. Especially since we went out tour they follow our every step haha

Vincent: my parents cheer it on, they’re not that active on social media as Hein’s mom, but they’re supportive nevertheless

Hein: hahaha
Hein: My mom likes everything we post on Facebook

NHQ: #1 Fan!we hear you guys have a new single coming out, which it sounds like Hein’s mom is going to rack up a hundred plays on herself – can you tell us about it?

Hein: She will repost to her 3 Soundcloud followers everyday!

Vincent: hahahahahaha


Hein: Seriously tho, this song is really special to us. We really like to tell stories thru our music and videos. This song is about how people and places can seem different at first but once you know them better give a whole other vibe/meaning

NHQ: when’s it out?

Hein: Tuesday April 18th!

Vincent: :D

NHQ: yay! on bitbird?

Vincent: yes super excited! bitbird is bae

NHQ: how did you guys get involved with them?

Hein: They actually messaged us on Soundcloud!
Hein: We had like a 100 followers back then, but they found our music via a mutual friend who reposted one of our songs

Vincent: beaudamian actually, he’s also a bitbird artist

NHQ: SoundCloud is a magical place like that! we also hear you have a song with San Holo coming out…. can you tell us anything about that collab?

Vincent: yeah really excited about that one! we worked on it for quite some time, and we finally wrapped it up when we were on tour together.

Hein: We really can’t say too much about it , but its gonna be out soon :)

NHQ: oooooo! suspense

Hein: All aboard the hype train!

NHQ: ok just for LOLs real quick – what’s the last thing each of y’all saw on the Internet that made you laugh – feel free to drop links or dank memes

Hein: Oh boy…

Vincent: ooooooww nnooooo

Hein: I recently discovered somehoodlum, really cracks me up

Hein: Country Kendrick.

NHQ: how about you Vincent… have you laughed on the Internet lately?

Hein: Vincent only uses the internet for E-commerce…..

Vincent: yes

NHQ: what’s your last purchase?

Vincent: Hein’s an idiot, I’m only a wikipedia user

Hein: wow, rude

Vincent: you know it

NHQ: Wikipedia could be a great place to find dank memes.

Hein: We should name our first EP E-commerce

NHQ: What’s coming up for DROELOE live shows?

Hein: we just got back from our first ever tour

NHQ: ooo! where’d you go?

Hein: Land of the free, home of the brave!

Vincent: yes! we did mostly west coast, sxsw, went to miami umf and a bunch of more places :)

NHQ: nice! had you been here before?

Hein: I’ve been in the US before, but I was only a child back then.

Vincent: for me it was the first time in the US ever, a lot of new impressions I can tell you

NHQ: what’s the craziest thing you saw and or ate while Stateside?

Hein: In n out was intense
Hein: to say the least

NHQ: please share any and all impressions!

Vincent: only cheddar cheese (ambiguous about that, i like lots of cheeses), the sun seems to be brighter there. big roads, lot of cars. lot of nice people there too

Hein: Its been really fun, we kinda just wanna go back

NHQ: come back!

Vincent: we deff will!
Vincent: all those new impressions work great for inspiration for new music. so I guess we have to.. ;)

NHQ: last question – are we alone in the universe?

Hein: Alone in the universe….
Hein: I honestly think we’re not alone haha

Vincent: no definitely not

Hein: Mankind could just be some weird intergalactic TV show
Hein: who knows….

NHQ: damn I love that, thank you guys <3

Hein: x-files theme song

NHQ: if y’all made contact would you give them a mixtape?

Hein: Hahaha yes

NHQ: give em the San Holo collab!

Vincent: yes I would rap and produce on it

NHQ: hahahahaha yes

Hein: Vince would drop a fire verse
Hein: ft Future

Vincent: especially collabing with extraterrestrials would be lit

NHQ: OOOOOOO, there we go

Hein: How would music evolve if that would happen?!

Vincent: telepathically of course

NHQ: of course, for convenience.

Hein: They must have some sick VSTs

Vincent: mind streaming

NHQ: (Googles VSTs)

Vincent: up in the cloud everything

Hein: hahahaha
Hein: Virtual Studio Technology

Vincent: yes that one

NHQ: AhA! thanks for Googling that for me

Vincent: hahahaha

NHQ: and thank you guys again this was so fun

Hein: Thanks for having us :)

NHQ: the truth is out there <3

Hein: One day, we’ll know the answer

Vincent: yeah thanks for having us, check out “See Through Me” on the 18th and we hope you’ll like it <3

Hein: <3