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Instupendo‘s debut EP, Friend of a Friend, is just the latest in a string of quality releases that have helped the young producer to skyrocket in popularity over the course of the past six months, with multiple tracks now nearing the coveted million play mark on both SoundCloud and Spotify.

He’s best known for his trademarked wispy and gorgeous ambient soundscape, and in that respect this project certainly doesn’t disappoint, but it’s the addition of vocals in Friend of a Friend that distinguishes it from all of Instupendo’s past work. And it’s a brilliant move: there’s something for everyone on this project, including both instrumental-only devotees and purist fans, as well as those looking for a more sing-a-long type vibe. Both Lontalius and Benny Sings complement Instupendo’s beautiful instrumentals on “Hand to Hold” and “Homme,” respectively. Soft and gentle, their raspy and emotion-filled voices convey strong feelings with lovely, simple but powerful lyrics.

In all, Friend of a Friend is that special breed of EP – a project which retains mainstream crossover appeal without sacrificing an inch of realness, emotion or artistry – and an emphatic assertion that Instupendo’s time has arrived. Stream it in full below.