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A frequent subject of coverage here at NEST, Instupendo makes gorgeous, ethereal and downtempo electronic music, stirring emotions within his listeners with haunting melodies and delicate ambiance. Although his music is emotive and powerful on its own, he seems to be an artist whose sonic output is at its best when accompanied by visuals. His music video for “Homme” – off his debut EP Friend of a Friend – for instance, encapsulated all of the feelings of melancholy and introspection which the song emitted, and amplified them tenfold.

Premiered via Majestic Casual, this latest visual accompaniment to Instupendo’s music – specifically, his sophomore EP, Faces I Know – is an absolute tour de force: 15+ minutes of stunning videography, full to the brim with muted storytelling and subtext; not to mention some of the most calming and beautiful music you will ever hear.

Watch the full video above. Faces I Know is available everywhere here.