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NEST HQ was created with the intention of being a platform aimed at promoting and encouraging the growth of artists of all genres and mediums. While we’ve worked mostly within music up to this point, we are expanding on a new content series that will showcase multimedia artists of various backgrounds including painters, graphic designers, architects, and others of the sort; this is installation. Every week, we’ll post hand-selected pieces from our featured artists via our Instagram @nesthq, along with excerpts from the full interviews which will be posted on the Friday of that week.

This week on installation, we present the grimey graphic artist Deladeso.

Can you tell us a bit about how your story as an began?
Pretty much on accident… The Grime stuff was something I did while working on boring class assignment and tutorials… I was never really good at recreating or following tutorials so I just followed my own thing.

How did the grime aesthetic first become something you were interested in creating?
Instead of just calling it art I called it Grimey. I took stuff that was happening in life or media and just called it grime. The thing with grime is that it’s neither positive nor negative… I let the audience decide on what it is.


What is the reason for the medium you choose to become proficient in? What does this medium allow you to do that other mediums may not?
It allows me to not care and just experiment freely!!! Like it’s not art it’s just grime… I really don’t trip on it too much, I post it and forget about it +:)

What are some of the defining moments in your career so far? How have they affected the way you approach your art and your creations?

Collaborating with GETTER was pretty awesome!!! It was super organic and got to see how much that grimey stuff impacted the EDM world. Also, the stuff I have been doing with Pabst. That was cool because it started with PBR fan art I did for myself. Somehow someone over there saw it and dug it! The rest was grimey history. IDK I appreciate anything that comes my way but I love jobs that involve building and collaborating the most. I never really let who I’m working for affect my stuff; I try to keep it as grimey and organic as possible.



How do you feel the industry is doing right now? Which trends are really pushing the industry forward, and which are holding it back?

Idk I never really thought the grimey stuff was gonna trend nor did I want it to. The Internet is super fickle and people want it now and forget about it tomorrow… There are so many great “real” artist out there and everyone will get there moment. They just have to learn and appreciate what they love to do. That’s the thing with young grimeys, they think shit just happens over night… Nobody wants to put in the work…


What are some other artists that you are currently into?

@ANTA52 @theYKMS @BUTCHOVISION @Theohuxx @Star_27 @_bernabe @pizzaboyzzz @pizzaslime plus way more!!! That’s been my favorite part of doing grime, is getting to collaborate and become homies with all talented people.

What are some of your goals for 2016?

IDK… Goal is always to set more Goals…

Find more from Deladeso via Instagram or his website.