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Infuze and Team EZY just delivered soulful, cinematic, high-BPM with a dash of bass madness on “Tell Me Again.” FATHERDUDE‘s vocals unleash a deep-feels energy to this already hype track marked by rollicking synths and rapid-fire percussion. When a dubstep drop come just after the two minute mark, I’m thrown into an in-office dance-frenzy. Fool’s Gold knows how to pick ’em but this track is a stand-out hit, if you like “Tell Me Again” even half as much as me you’re going to love it.

“We all had a day off in LA and met up to work on tunes,” the gang told us. “We wrote an 80’s power-ballad intro and FATHERDUDE jumped into the booth bringing his classic soulful songwriting to the table. Soon enough we had the hook “Tell Me Again” and the track was born. It had this infectious bouncy energy that was reminiscent of footwork/juke and we decided to take the tune in that direction. This song is journey thru different styles/influences and we almost fried our brains making it. Hope you enjoy! All the love.” Enjoy!