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i_o emerged out of nowhere in December 2017 with the slurry sleuther “Warning” on mau5trap’s We Are Friends, Vol. 7 compilation, quickly following that up with the prog-infused Tommy Trash collaboration “Oxygen,” and finally a Virtual Self remix for Jauz’s Bite This Xmas Compilation. That all happened within three weeks of his artistic debut, so naturally we wondered what was going on, and started trying to make contact with this mysterious entity.

Well, he’s finally reached us and has delivered an hour-long mix filled with the first tastes of what i_o has in store for us in 2018. The music goes in all directions, but is underpinned by percolating, driving techno vibes sanitized for the American ear without losing their heft. It opens with a three-peat of IDs before launching into a manifesto of intent for his musical future: check out the tracklist below, along with our frankly very odd conversation with i_o.

New Message Request from user i_o? Accept?


i_o: hello friend

NHQ: hello… who are you?

i_o: I am i_o.

NHQ: do we know you?

i_o: not yet. but you will.

NHQ: who are you?

i_o: I am you. you are me. we are all apart of one movement.

NHQ: …can you elaborate?

i_o: there are countless components that comprise the human body and mind, like all the parts that make up me as an individual with my own personality. I have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others. but while I am an individual, I also share my consciousness with others. I am as much myself as I am everyone else. we are all one. infinitely. all of that is combined to create a singular consciousness, through which we experience in our individuality.

NHQ: what does that even mean? what do you want?

i_o: meaning. what is the one thing that unifies us all? we are both infinite in mind, yet finite in body. this can lead us to despair. Unification of mind and body gives us meaning. I seek to unify all through music.

i_o sent [i_o-guest-mix.mp3]. Accept?

> [Yes]

NHQ: what is this?

i_o: it is an example.

NHQ: of what?

i_o: of what can be expected of me. these are the sounds that get the people moving, get the mind going, get the body dancing, get you connecting to those around you. this is what connection sounds like. what being together feels like. this is i_o.

3:46am user i_o has signed off

i_o – ID
i_o – ID
i_o – ID
i_o – Rock Your Body
UMEK & Mr. C – The Drum
Phlegmatic Dogs – Serious Frenkie
C.O.Z. x No Mana – Distortion Emails (i_o edit)
Arjun Vagale – Age Of Lust
UMEK – Revisit the Preposterous
Hidden Empire – Colours of Black
Eats Everything – Dancing (Again!) [feat. Tiga vs. Audion & Ron Costa]
Bad Computer – A Demon A Day
No Mana – Fade
Chris Lake – Lose My Mind
Sander Van Doorn & Chocolate Puma – Raise Your Hands Up
Wehbba – Fake
Amelie Lens – Follow
i_o & Tommy Trash x SVD – ID x Rhythm
i_o – ID

Cover Photo: Morgan Kranston