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A mysterious new producer named i_o has emerged on the circuit sharing his debut release “Warning,” on mau5trap‘s We Are Friends compilation series. The label is often known for picking up emerging talent that skyrockets, obvious examples include No Mana, ATTLAS, and REZZ.

“Warning” is a real groove with thick kicks and a futuristic arp which drives the progression of the production alongside vocal repetitions. There’s a juxtaposition between a sense of safety with “Breathe,” and at the same time impending doom with the heavily distorted “Warning,” as he launches into a classic-mau5 four-on-the-floor bassline with his own personal tints of acid house in the mix. It feels like a techno party on a spaceship in the year 3000, which I’m pretty down with.

Stream “Warning” below, and check out the rest of the compilation on Spotify.