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The collaborative project from Noisia and Foreign Beggars has come a long way since the 5 musicians first came together in 2008, subsequently finding their combined potential with “Contact” — technically the first I Am Legion production before the two acts decided on creating the project. 5 years and scores of studio sessions later, the two crews realized that they had garnered enough material for an album, arranging an impressive 16 original tracks for the self-titled debut.

Finding a hard-to-reach sweet spot between Hip Hop and Bass music, the two groups truly complement one another in this forward-thinking LP. This success in sound could be due to the guys’ lack of time constraint, creating more time for revision and improved iterations. Noisia explains, “Many passes of production and scrutiny reached every track, alongside a plethora of feedback spread sheets and whiteboard summaries. We never set a deadline for ourselves.” The group’s deviation in mainstream sound can also be attributed to their general disinterest in fitting a mold with this album.

Since the members came together organically from the beginning, that stress-free, natural feel had to shine through their tracks, and as I Am Legion explains collectively, “This freed us further from trying to fit into any genre or writing for mainstream radio play purposes, etc. We (Noisia & Foreign Beggars) come from two different places and there is a mutual curiosity and admiration that makes us want to make the coolest shit we can.”

I Am Legion isn’t just a studio dream either. All 5 will be kicking off a live tour in support of the album at the end of this month, with shows in the UK, Europe, and Australia going all the way into December; and the group is very confident in the new live setup, saying, “Our respective live shows are already better than everybody else’s. You do the math…”

Stream the entire debut album from I Am Legion below and find all upcoming tour dates here.

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