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Photo: Chelsea Gaspard

Singing and songwriting often stem from somewhere within the soul that needs light. It’s from Canadian artist Hunnah where this special feeling has begun to grow as she prepares for her official debut coming this January. Show You will be her first step into the R&B world as an established vocalist, and in order to spotlight the EP, she’s just released “Crush” produced by fellow singer/songwriter Cuco. “Crush” is one of five tracks that are said to reveal Hunnah’s true talents, and it’s a tribute to her mother who previously passed away.

As Hunnah approaches “Crush” with a gorgeous soprano tone, equally dreamy lifts and drums support her call for love. The romantic groove takes to a contemporary R&B sound, allowing her room to make “Crush” into a smooth arrangement that holds no real boundary — bringing Cuco in for this was a perfect choice. The youthful artist himself has already developed his heart’s love-song locker, so pushing Hunnah in the right direction here really did spotlight her luxurious voice.

In a press release, Hunnah writes:

Crush’ is me daydreaming about what it would be like if I let my walls down and just honestly told someone how I feel. It’s really about being vulnerable in a way that I find kind of impossible in my real life.”

Listen to “Crush” and find the full Show You tracklist below.

1) In My Dreams
2) Broken Pieces
3) Think About It
4) Crush prod. Cuco
5) Show You