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The evolution of Hundred Waters over the past half-decade has been extraordinary to witness as the band has come into its own confident, spirited, and full sound, and they’ve been slowly building up the hype towards their third album, Communicating.

Thus far, Communicating has been preceded in 2017 by the Currency EP, which saw the band engage a more electro-pop direction, and a number of album singles, most recently the creepy-crawly video for “Fingers.” Now, with “Wave to Anchor,” Hundred Waters matches searing synth work with an ethereal hue on the vocal production, anchored by groovy drum and bass patterns. It’s a final taste that the band has decided to share before unleashing the full album at the end of the week.

Listen to their album Communicating when it drops Thursday, September 14th via OWSLA, and be sure to catch NEST HQ’s documentary about the band’s annual FORM Arcosanti festival below.