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Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke takes on John Carpenter’s score from the 1981 dystopian thriller Escape From New York in a rendition he’s simply calling, “Escape”.

John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, which he both directed and co-scored, centers on a post-apocalyptic New York where Kurt Russell’s ex-soldier character is charged with saving the President of the United States. The score utilizes a bevy of wistful synthesizers for the dramatic and futuristic soundscape, and Hudmo’s version doesn’t stray too far from that original tone. Instead, he injects the synth layers with his own glitch-heavy style and ups the bass elements to bring the classic tune into modern territory.

Grab your free download of the track as part of LuckyMe Records’ holiday Advent Calendar of freebies here. Hudson Mohawke is on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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