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Last Sunday, HOWSLA‘s summer residency at Los Angeles club Le Jardin kicked off with a massive bang. The event maxed out on capacity, music, and good vibes. In partnership with LA’s Free Grilled Cheese crew, the OWSLA team wanted to bring an extra element to fans and attendees, raising the bar for not only music but food as well. For each event, FGC is crafting two sandwiches inspired by and co-created with the headlining artists.

For the re-introduction of NEST EATS, we’ve decided to bring Free Grilled Cheese’s recipes to you, paired with interviews from the artists who played each weekend as well as a photo gallery from the event. Even if you didn’t get a chance have a bite of FGC’s custom grilled cheese or you simply want more, you can now remake each sandwich in the comfort of your home. Read on below for the recipes, interviews, and gallery.

Photos by: @jas, @nathanmccloud, @quasarmedia, and @tajnihal

Interview with Anna Lunoe:

Hi Anna! How was the first HOWSLA event?

Super fun! great vibes, i loved it.

Did you have any of the I Want Bleu or Bananna Lunoe grilled cheeses?

Nooooo so sad i didnt get to try my sandwich! but i heard it was the best one (haha SORRY CHRIS LAKE :) )

What was your favorite dish as a kid?

Artichoke with hollandaise sauce was my fav dish as a kid. Yeh i know, im fancy huh.. but to be fair my dad is a chef and pretty much ANYTHING tastes good dipped into that tasty butter sauce mmmmmm. Also ice cream cake which is still my weakness.

Are there any foods you swore you’d never eat but eventually tried and loved?

Hmmm not really, i was made to eat EVERYTHING as a kid by my dad. Stuff like octopus, kidneys (in pate yeh, but even just fried!) and brains on toast w lemon & garlic lol. I would obviously protest and cry but he would make us sit at the table till we finished, and i would eventually wanna get back to the tv so id eat a bit then wait till he wasnt looking and give it to the dog.

What’s your go-to breakfast look like?

At the moment im really into pancakes and also grilled cheese on toast (probably cos of the baby) but usually i crave home made smoothies w all the good stuff in em.

Favorite cheese?

Buffalla Mozzarella w tomato and basil 4 lyfe <3333333

Thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Historically very down, ham and pineapple was my fav pizza flavour as a kid, but havnt tried it for a long time so not sure now.

Favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?

It’s not fancy but i crave Pine and Crane all the time cos i cant really cook anything they serve. It’s soooo good.

Bananna Lunoe:

Ingredients (makes one sandwich)

– Cinnamon swirl raisin bread
– Dark Chocolate covered pretzels
– Sliced banana
– Mascarpone cheese
– Ricotta cheese
– Sea salt


1. Lightly butter one side of two slices of Cinnamon Raisin bread.
2. Spread a light layer of mascarpone cheese on one piece of bread
3. Do the same with the Ricotta cheese
4. Crush a tiny handful of chocolate covered pretzels and sprinkle on onto one side of sandwich
5. Slice half of a banana on the bias (to ensure larger slices if banana to cover and to less likely fall out when eating)
6. Spread banana on top of pretzels
7. Sprinkle a small amount of sea salt onto the bananas (we use Maldon sea salt but just about any kind will work-larger salt crystals will give a “crunch” which is what you are looking for)

8. Now our sandwich is ready to be cooked. There are several ways to heat it up including a panini or sandwich press, flat top, sauté pan, or even toaster oven. Keep in mind that if you do decide to press it in a machine too much pressure will push the bananas out.
9. Cook until bread is toasted and center is warm and gooey.
10. If cutting sandwich in half, be sure to allow it to cool a bit and to use quick force with a sharp knife to ensure bananas don’t get forced out of sandwich.


Interview with Chris Lake

Hi Chris! How was the first HOWSLA event?

Great! Such a good way to kick off summer here

Did you have any of the I Want Bleu or Bananna Lunoe grilled cheeses?

I was very upset that the I Want Bleu had already been eaten by the time I finished my set! It’s bitter sweet because although I’m happy my recipe was such a hit, I’d worked up quite an appetite and the food I wanted wasn’t there.  Anna’s recipe didn’t deliver quite like mine would have.

What was your favorite dish as a kid?

Chips & Gravy aka Poutine

Are there any foods you swore you’d never eat but eventually tried and loved?


What does your go-to breakfast look like.

Egg white Omelete with goats cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and avocado

Favorite cheese?


Thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

F*** that!

Favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?

M Cafe

I Want Bleu

Ingredients (makes four sandwiches)

– Quality Sourdough Bread(either pre sliced or cut into 3/4 inch slices if not pre sliced)
– Paper thin sliced red onion-one small onion will be more than enough (the thinner the better) soak onions in cold water for a about 10 minutes, stir once or twice, drain and pat dry or let air dry(this removes some of the bitterness and brings out the true flavor)
– 1 piece deli sliced provolone cheese (shredded is fine as well)
– 1 piece deli sliced smoked gouda (non-smoked is fine as well but we prefer smoked)
NOTE: the better the brand and longer age on the cheeses will ensure better flavor, however typically the longer the age aka the firmer the cheese the harder they will be to melt
– Pizza sauce (you can use whatever you like for the tomato sauce but we use pizza sauce as the water content is much lower aka its thicker and won’t cause the sandwich to be soggy)
– BBQ sauce (smoky is the way to go here to ensure good dimension to the sandwich)
– Sea salt
– Heavy cream aka manufacturing cream
– Bleu cheese (there are no rules here. imported or domestic. Roquefort, stilton, maytag, gorgonzola, etc-whichever works best with your palate as some deeper flavor bleu can be too strong for some.)
NOTE: reserve some of this to top the sandwich with as well
– Toppings to finish sandwich: Hungarian paprika, honey, bleu cheese crumbles, black pepper (fresh cracked is always the best but regular table ground pepper will work)


1. In a blender or food processor, add 1 cup heavy cream and approx 1/2 cup of bleu. Mix until creamy and spreadable.
2. Butter one side of two slices of sourdough bread (olive oil, canola, or margarine will work as well)
3. Spread bleu cheese sauce on one side of the non-buttered side
4. Spread pizza sauce on the other piece of bread
5. Drizzle BBQ sauce lightly on both pieces of bread
6. Sprinkle salt (do not go too heavy as the bleu cheese will bring salt to the sandwich as well)
7. Add your provolone cheese onto the sandwich then add your gouda
8. Sprinkle red onion onto sandwich (we suggest a small amount spread out onto sandwich so as not to over power the flavor; 7 or so pieces)

9. Now our sandwich is ready to be cooked. There are several ways to heat it up including a panini or sandwich press, flat top, sauté pan or even toaster oven. For this sandwich we highly recommend a panini machine or sandwich press.
10. Place sandwich in machine for a few minutes.
11. Rotate 45 degrees and continue to toast.
12. When bread begins to gain grill marks, drizzle honey all across the top of the sandwich, sprinkle bleu cheese, and add cracked pepper.
13. Close machine and continue to cook until bleu cheese caramelizes (approx 2 minutes)
14. Let cool slightly, cut, and serve