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Chris and Aseem of Hotel Garuda built the initial success of the project upon a string of remixes, and while the duo are now equally known for their original singles, they haven’t given up their interest in adding the HG touch to songs that speak to them.

“We’re big fans of Lorde’s work and think she’s a really special artist, so to be asked to remix her new single was a great honor!” the guys explained in the description of their take on the New Zealand star’s new blockbuster single, “Green Light,” released earlier this year. Like much of the Hotel Garuda catalog, “Green Light” is bright and accessible, utilizing Lorde’s singalong vocalsĀ as a driving asset alongside a bubbly bassline.

The guys never really miss on anything, and they sure haven’t here. Stream the Hotel Garuda remix of Lorde’s “Green Light” below, and catch them on tour throughout the US this month.

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