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Always makin’ us feel some type of way, Hotel Garuda are undeniably one of today’s most crowd-pleasing outfits with their dynamic, multi-faceted, and downright danceable productions. Their radiant style shines through on each release, consistently catching the attention of millions especially with their remixes of Alina Baraz & Galimatias’ “Make You Feel”, SNBRN’s “Raindrops”, and, of course, Lana Del Rey’s iconic “Summertime Sadness”. While Manila Killa and Candleweather continue to progress with their ever-evolving sound as a duo, they’re never ones to disappoint and their remix of kiiara’s “Feels” is no exception.

Blissful, atmospheric, and emotive are three words to best describe the remix. Painting a multi-dimensional panorama with silky arpeggios, airy chords, and a resonating bassline, they perfectly highlight kiiara’s vocals while balancing the lyrical beauty with their signature feel-good musicality. Each soothing instrumental and delicate intricacy has an amazing fluidity to it, ultimately making you feel like you’re at the beach sipping a piña colada, floating in the ocean, and feeling the sand beneath your toes.

Stream this futuristic housey wonder below, be sure to throw the Hotel Garuda boys a <3 on hypem, and follow them on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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