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Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst

HomeSick is the artist moniker of Shaun McHale, a Calgary-based producer who caught the attention of Red Bull Music Academy in 2015 thanks to his commitment to jungle and footwork — in addition to producing, he also founded a blog dedicated to the sound and started a club night in his hometown. His take on the genre is a unique one, as there’s a grimey grittiness to his productions that emanates style; an attractive swagger underlined by a proprietary blend of bubbling bass and vivid synth work.

“Don’t Look In The Trunk”, a cut off his forthcoming, five-track Legendary EP on Philly imprint Seclusiasis, is a perfect exemplar of this swagger, as McHale’s wet synth wiggles and punchy kicks ride copilot to a perfectly appropriate pitched-down vocal.

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