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Photo: Rukes

We’re back from the madness that is Holy Ship, and reflecting on the 3-day excursion is almost as much as fun as the event itself. There’s truly nothing quite like this event: where else will you be able to enjoy a cruise with your favorite artists hosting a plethora of fun events and dance until the sun comes up with thousands of fellow ravers? It seems that everyone onboard has an awesome story to tell, so we asked them to share a memory with us from this excursion. Read on for stories from 12th Planet, Ekali, Christian Martin, and more, and scope some photos of the weekend courtesy of Nate Vogel, Steven Truong, and OhDagYo in the gallery below.

12th Planet and JSTJR

12th: My name is 12th Planet and I was hosting a room called the Dubstep Dungeon, and my first impression of the Dubstep Dungeon was DJ JSTJR playing. I walk in, and this motherfucker’s playing moombahton —

JSTJR: What?!

12th: And I’m like, “What the fuck is going on?!”

JSTJR: Shut it down!

12th: And I thought, oh man, I’m gonna get a lot of smoke from everyone. I keep listening and I’m like, wait a second — these are moombahton remixes of DUBSTEP songs!

JSTJR: Yeah!

12th: And this shit is going crazy, everyone’s vibing, girls are shaking ass, titties, every fucking orifice of their body, and it was the most amazing thing I have seen so far.

NEST: How does one shake an orifice?

JSTJR: Well… that’s for another interview.

Christian Martin, on the two-hour Dirtybird jungle set

It’s kind of turned into a tradition to play a jungle set on Holy Ship now, so we’re playing one this time, too. I came for my first time on 8.0 as Justin [Martin]’s guest, but I played, like, three sets here and there. We played drum and bass on 8.0 and 11.0 as well, and that one on 11.0 was an official set. Claude VonStroke and Noisia joined, too. I really love this set because we don’t get to play drum and bass too often, so it’s really fun to step out of the comfort zone.


David (Ghastly) is already one of the most fun people I know, but playing a bass house set with him at 3 a.m. was my one of my top memories from the ship. Also shout-out to the shirtless guy in the front row, I don’t know your name, but you killed it with the dance moves xD


– Hanging with one of my best friends Kevin aka SNBRN – spent a ton of time with him on Ship and ended up closing out the festival with a big house B2B at the Spiegel Stage.

– Someone had tweeted before Ship that they were hoping for a B2B set between Louis The Child, Whethan, and myself. On day two we made it happen for them on the Theatre Stage.

– Another one (pictured below) of Louis The Child, Whethan, and I chatting it up before the artist meet & greet. One of my favorite parts of ship was getting to meet all the amazing people onboard.

– This was taken during solo set #2 on Louis The Child’s playground stage at the theatre (pictured below). I was blown away by the turnout and crowd energy and this ended up being my favorite solo set of the ship.

Manila Killa

A memorable moment was definitely the huge B2B we had between Louis the Child, Whethan, Ekali, Melvv, and myself. It exemplifies a special aspect of Holy Ship and DJ culture — being a part of so many eclectic performances and giving something special back to everyone who’s come to see us play.


I had so much fun I don’t even feel real right now. I may be a hologram.


So many highlights from the weekend, my favorite experience was watching the sunrise set. This was my first sunrise out on the water and it was just beautiful to see.


Favorite memory from Holy Ship was the giant B2B at Louis the Child’s playground set. While I was spinning, Melvv was on Ekali’s shoulders and Freddy was on top of Robby’s shoulders dancing on stage.

Will Clarke

For me, it was watching Skream murder the Spice H20 deck on 12.0, he was playing old UK garage and some serious disco cuts which took me back to when I first started DJing, it was beautiful.