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As a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, HIGH HØØPS has paved his way to brilliance through his own unique skills. He’s released a slew of stunning singles over the past two years along with work from his other projects (Kids of 88 and LEISURE), but he’s ultimately been preparing for his latest endeavor: his debut album. On Seasons on Planet Earth, HIGH HØØPS creates an infectious blend of pop, disco, house, and R&B into one dynamic record. The man behind the alias, Jordan Arts, said the album is a deeply personal project — what’s more, he’s responsible for every instrument on this album as well as the writing, engineering, and mixing duties.

“I see the album as a journal entry of songs I’ve made over the last couple of seasons on planet Earth,” he said. “They range from a time where romance and heartbreak, haunted blue days and red-hot nights were phasing like season finales and premieres. The music is always centered around groove and melody, drawing influence from a nostalgic haze of ’70s funk, ’80s disco, ’90s R&B, and 2000s dance music romanced into a sound for the future.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. There’s a hint of nostalgia behind the beats, referencing some of the best sounds from years past. On the opener, “People,” HIGH HØØPS comes in hot with a neo-disco flair that possesses a bit of an indie vibe thanks to Jordan’s vocals. You can bask in more of these funky vibes on “Madly” and “Heatwave,” where HIGH HØØPS crafts some killer dancefloor cuts.

He’s into switching up the vibe throughout Seasons on Planet Earth, and he does a fantastic job of slowing it down. Things get sultry on “Blue Eyes,” a bedroom tune equipped with a sexy bassline and HIGH HØØPS’ soft, romantic vocals. The following song, “Dangerous” featuring Maesu, is somehow even hotter: subtle synths, plucking bass strings, and high-pitched vocals will wrap you up into silky sheets before Maesu lays down a smooth R&B flow. To round out the record, HIGH HØØPS closes the book with “Love on Repeat,” where he employs a jazzy drum beat and subtle guitar plucks beneath his muted voice. Within the last few seconds, HIGH HØØPS plays a broken piano recording until the sounds wash away with ease.

HIGH HØØPS blurs the lines between genres in each and every song off the record, and it’s just as addictive as it is innovative. “It’s a cathartic experience releasing this record,” he said. “It’s been an adventure making it – I hope it can accompany a few adventures when people are listening to it.” Sounds like we need to take an adventure for ourselves. Listen below.