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Hi Tom is a Norwegian producer and 1/4 of the ‘norclub’ pioneering collective and super boy band Rytmeklubben. Think Jersey Club, but much more light and airy, with pitched up vocals and additional melodies. It’s like drinking a cool glass of pastel-tinted summertime synths. Hi Tom however, tends to be a bit darker in nature; he’s less smiley and I haven’t seen a single picture of him not looking at the ground. In his productions, this translates into R&B inspired textures with intricate drum patterns and bumpin’ low-end theory.

Ultimately, he found his home with the Aussie club legends at NLV Records, sharing his debut label release last summer with “Tablets.” The track has some of the boomiest 808s to ever hit my car speakers and since first listen, I’ve been looking forward to his follow-up release. We’re doing QUADRUPLE BACKFLIPS as Hi Tom returns to the now fully blossomed imprint, joining forces with fellow Norwegian heavyweight LuvOcean for “365.”

Read on below, as Tom talks his romantic new single which he describes as serenade to the environment, working with LuvOcean, and much more.

Hi Tom! It’s been a while since your last release on NLV Records. What’s new since then?

Making too many new songs. The conservative/neoliberal parties won the election in Norway, again. I might need a haircut. Recently moved to Oslo. Playing the guitar. Reading Rosa Luxembourg and Nick Land.

Tell us about your latest single. Where did you come up with the concept for it?

Me and Andreas (LuvOcean) wrote it in the cold summer of Trondheim, a city in the middle of Norway (where I come from and have lived for 24 years). The song was activated by the commodification of nature – which has become “natural.”

How do you want this track to make people feel?

I want the people to feel good and be healthy. In Norway we are very lucky because we are always in proximity to nature, so most Norwegians have been into gorpcore for some time now. I think people will be smiling when listening to 365 and I want that. 

Who is LuvOcean and how did you two end up working together?

LuvOcean and I met 6 years ago at music school. At the time we played in a noisy pop band with DJ Karaoke. This project evolved into making LuvOcean music over the last two years. For 365, Andreas and I made the song together in the studio. We’ve made a lot of upcoming tunes and 365 is one of those. You don’t want wanna miss out on music and memes so follow us both on Facebook. 

Last question – from Hi Tom to Rytmeklubben, what’s next for you and the future of norclub?

Biggggggggggg things are coming.